Rear caliper piston

Discussion in '308/328' started by Chrill, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. Chrill

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    May 31, 2018
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    Christian P Galle
    I’m restoring the callipers and wonder if anyone changed the rear calliper pistons. Don’t know how to get out the internals in the pistons, it’s looks like it is some sort of spring holding it down but very hard to reach.
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  3. jmaienza

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    Jan 8, 2009
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  4. Chrill

    Chrill Karting

    May 31, 2018
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    Christian P Galle
  5. lm2504me

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    Aug 26, 2004
    Nipomo, CA
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    I had too many other things to work on when getting ready for Preservation award and performing a major service.. So, I sent all four of my brakes to Goldline Brakes in Washington state for a complete rebuild. They know ATE brake calipers. Cost about 600.00. They can have them plated also, at extra cost. I had mine walnut shell blasted to maintain the patina.
    They came back and all work great. I will be doing the same with my 69 Alfa 1750 Spider Veloce.
  6. Martin308GTB

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    Jan 22, 2003
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    Martin N.
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    Thanks for the video link. Our rear calipers handbrake mechanism is a great example for a most complex design resulting in most poor performance.
    For those folks here, who always blame the Italians and praise german car brands I am glad, tht these calipers were invented by german ATE for Porsche.
    I myself tend to blame Porsche, who wanted ATE design a caliper with the handbrake acting on the discs. A big error. My Alfa from 1972 already has rear discs with an integrated drum handbrake mechanism... like Ferrari introduced in 1985 with the 328.

    Best from Germany
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