RED BULL 2008 RB4 Introduction

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    Red Bull Racing unveiled their new Renault-powered RB4 car at Jerez in Spain this morning, as they bid to build on team stability to deliver their most competitive season in Formula One.

    The new car, which is the second to have been designed by technical chief Adrian Newey, was rolled out into the Jerez pitlane early this morning. It features the bridge wing that the team used at the end of last season.

    Webber said last weekend that he hoped the continuity of driver, engine and technical staff would help the team deliver improved results in 2008.

    "The biggest thing for us this year is the continuity," he said. "We have the same engine, we have the same drivers, and we have the same technical staff.

    "All the engineers that [teammate] David [Coulthard] and I worked with are the same, so that's going to help us come Sunday afternoon."
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    Right behind Mark this coming season!

    GO Webber!
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    RedBull's Achilles heel is nothing else, but reliability issues...hope they can get over that.

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