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Discussion in 'Texas' started by Schatten, Jun 26, 2005.

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    A friend of mine recently moved to Texas, along with his grandfather's 1957 Chris Craft. The thing is gorgeous and just cruising among all the wakeboard boats on Lake Austin on Saturday, this stood out like the classic hot rod that everyone drooled over.

    So, the question I have is... he has numbers on his boat, but they are screwed in, just like the pictured "Chris Craft" is pictured below. Is there an exemption or a way to get Texas to accept a California boat number? Or else, he must unscrew the numbers and get new ones that will look like junk on this thing.

    Sorry for the bad pictures, it is just a phone camera. And for those that want to know, there's the tail number!
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    I have a 1947 Luke Warner wooden boat and I registered it using its name instead of TX numbers and wasnt required to put numbers on the hull. To answer your question it is possible to get around the numbers but I doubt they will let you use the CF number.
    good luck
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    ive seen dinghys with the numbers on a piece of wood hanging over the side, so the numbers might not need to be permenatley place on the boat. Also i was thinking a magnetic sign like on a car door might stick to the old metal numbers in order to pass inspection.

    you might call the lake tahoe chris craft musiem. tahoe is on two states, so they might know how to register in a different state with old numbers.
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