Ricky is back (NFL Miami) smoke weed or play ball

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Mark(study), May 23, 2005.

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    Last year he quit Miami just before season started... didn't like taking drug test and wanted to spend more time smoking weed. He put his ferrari up for sale and guys made jokes about- "never been smoked in" on the ebay ad.

    Well he's back.

    Did he run out of money?
    Smoke enough weed in a year, to get his fill?
    Get tierd of watching TV all day long?

    Would you take him back? He shocked the Team last year.

    DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -- Ricky Williams is discussing a comeback with the Miami Dolphins, coach Nick Saban said Thursday.
    Saban acknowledged holding recent discussions with Williams, whose sudden retirement stunned the Dolphins shortly before training camp began last season. He would not divulge specifics of the talks, but has long said that he was open to the prospect of Williams returning.
    Williams rushed for 3,225 yards and 25 touchdowns in his two seasons with the Dolphins.
    "Ricky still seems to be very, very interested in coming back," Saban said. "As I've said before, the things that we discuss, we've decided not to talk about publicly. I think that I can safely say that you all know about his situation as I do."
    Leigh Steinberg, Williams' agent, didn't immediately return a phone message seeking comment.
    Williams, who led the NFL in rushing in 2002, still owes the Dolphins $8.6 million for breaching his contract by unexpectedly retiring.
    He also entered into a settlement last month with a former South Florida woman, agreeing to pay $4,200 per month in support and establish a $300,000 trust fund for a child he fathered.
    After quitting the Dolphins, the former Heisman Trophy winner later acknowledged that he failed drug tests and faced a suspension for testing positive three times for marijuana.
    "There are issues that need to be worked through," Saban said. "We're all in the process of evaluating those issues before it is resolved."

    If Williams returns, he'd likely have to wait until July to un-retire. Otherwise, he would face a one-year suspension for his violations of the NFL's substance-abuse program. Williams will still face a four-game suspension for failing a third drug test for marijuana last July, just before he retired.
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