Ride in an F430?

Discussion in 'South Central - USA (TN, MS, AL, GA)' started by DL4567, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. DL4567

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    Nov 25, 2004
    Hi Everyone,

    After dreaming for a looooong time, (joined F-Chat in 2004), going to endless car shows in the north Atlanta area over the years and talking to many owners --- I'm finally able to fulfill my dream of buying my first Ferrari, and am now shopping for an F430.

    The reason I'm writing, is to ask if there's anyone in the area that might be willing to take me for a spin in their car? Not asking to drive, but just a ride would be amazing. It's likely the most expensive car I'm ever going to buy, and just want the final piece of mind of what it's like before pulling the trigger. I've previously ridden in a 355 and 360, and even drove a manual 360 once (what an incredible experience!), but don't have much of an impression of F430's besides what they look like, and watching videos.

    There's someone who offered this for me, but his car is having some unexpected work done that has it out of commission for a while. I'm happy waiting for that, but thought I'd put other feelers out there if anyone's willing.
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