458 Right side dash cluster not working

Discussion in '458 Italia/488/F8' started by jlonmark, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. jlonmark

    jlonmark F1 Rookie

    Mar 29, 2005
    Beverly Hills, CA
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    Just wondering if anybody had any idea how to get this rebuilt or any tricks to getting it to turn on? I have no radio atm
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  3. simmadwn

    simmadwn Formula Junior
    Silver Subscribed

    Jun 10, 2016
    San Mateo, CA
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    Press and hold main menu until you see the arrows show up in the right cluster
  4. MalibuGuy

    MalibuGuy F1 Veteran

    Sep 18, 2007
    Sorry to hear!
    Can u post a picture of how the screen looks

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