Romolo Tavoni RIP

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    Marc Sonnery
    He passed at 94 on December 20, he was Enzo Ferrari's first secretary in the 50's and ran the Scuderia from 57 to 61 overseeing the titles of Hawthorn in 58 and Phil Hill in 61. During those years Ferrari won the Sports Cat championship in 58 and 61 as well at Le Mans in 58, 60 and 61.

    Veloce Today always does a good job, specially if entrusting it to Graham Gauld:
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    Thanks for letting us know, and for the link.

    You might also post this in the Who’s Who in Ferrari Universe thread.
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    Thanks for posting, Marc. The article called to mind this incident:
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    MotorSport posted an excellent interview with him from their archives the other day, well worth the read. Fantastic story.
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