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    With New Years Evening tomorrow, I thought I would share this story and inspire some of you.

    Last year, I was at my neighbor’s house for New Years Eve and brought a bottle of Champagne. When it was approaching midnight, I thought it would be fun to Saber the bottle of Champagne I brought. As he and others never saw this done before, he asked me to do it outside off his dock because he thought all kinds of glass would go everywhere, so I agreed.

    It was raining and cold, and as I ran the sword down the neck of the bottle, I lost my grip on the wet punt and in the lake it went. Everyone had a good laugh.

    Now I have done this before,… not the dropping part, and when my son heard what I did, he said he will show me how it’s done. So here is redemption. If you want to try this here are some tips.

    Prior to the sabering, invert the Champagne neck in a bucket of ice for 5min to get it quite cold. Find the seam on the bottle as this is where you will ride your saber, or whatever tool you plan to use, up to the annulus. Remove the wire basket. And hold the punt firmly. Have at it!


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    We do this fairly often, it's fun. Even have a ceremonial saber for the occasion. Have even done it with the foot of a champagne'll find yourself looking around the house for stuff to saber champagne with.

    Hold my flute and watch this!

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