SCDA, anyone track with them?

Discussion in 'New England' started by enjoythemusic, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. enjoythemusic

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    Apr 20, 2002
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    Hi Everyone,

    Anyone have info on SCDA? Am having a great time with COMSCC and wondering about SCDA as they have many LR and WG events. Just curious. Many Thanks!
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  3. BigHead

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    Oct 31, 2003
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    SCDA is a great organization, and I recommend them highly. The following is a post I made a couple of years back, to Rennlist....

    Ok, I had a lot of fun today. Ian Prout (ably assisted by the entire Prout clan) and his organization, SCDA (, had a 1-day track event today at Lime Rock. SCDA always puts on a really enjoyable, BS-free event, and today was no exception. Weather was sunny and in the low '60s, with five run groups and plenty of track time.

    Since the 355 is in the shop for the 30k mile service, I stole the Lovely Jamie's (tm) Girlie-Girl racing 996 this morning at o-dark-thirty and cruised over to NW Connecticut for the day. Since I couldn't find (ok, sucker) anyone into going with me, I had to run on street tires (darn it, and I just bought a set of 2002 Carrera wheels for track use, and I've got 18" Pirelli slicks up the wazoo, just *begging* to be scrubbed into particulates! Oh well). Quick note -- man, what a GREAT car. Threw my track bag, helmet bag and cooler into the back, put on my racing suit, hopped in, fired it up, cranked some times, turned up the V1, and we're off! At the track, I added some air, put some tape on the lights, put car number stickers on, and we're off to the grid! I guess that's the advantage of running a stock car on street tires -- no schlepping, no tire changing, no cursing looking around for the torque wrench, no fussing.

    I had two sessions in the morning, both great fun. Since it was reasonably cold, the tires took some tire to get heat into them, and the car was fairly loose, particularly in the morning session (didn't quite put enough air in). Rear end got squirrelly in a couple of places, including the Ben Kao Memorial Downhill, where it took 3 serious wags before I got it corrected. Major pucker. Dumb, dumb, dumb. For the second session, I took out Dave Greer (fellow 355B driver), who was also impressed by the 996. Tail was still a little loose, but LOTS of fun to drive. Good passing (and being passed), courteous behavior, much enjoyment.

    Went out as an instructor with Dave in Advanced/Red - he has a roll bar and harnesses in his black/white 355B, P-Zeros and Challenge Grille, but otherwise stock. Dave is a very good driver, and we just worked on tuning the line in a couple of places (his second time at Lime Rock). Dunno if it had a Tubi, but sure sounded like it. (It's for sale, BTW, I think he's asking $79k firm, needs some minor cosmetics, 23k miles, belts done, new clutch, handled and performed GREAT at the track, contact him at, no pecuniary interest on my part, blah blah blah). Also went out with Greg Miller in his 2002 M Coupe with the S54 (315hp) engine -- this really could give the 996/355 a shot. Greg has more experience and is better than he's willing to admit, so we really just worked some more on the line and a couple of secret Lime Rock tips. Alas, never managed to catch up with Greg again to go out later.

    Ah, and the most fun I had today? Let me tell you about Ron. Ron was my first student today, in the Novice run group. Ron is 62 years old, and his son was driving an RX-7 today. Ron decided to not let him have all the fun. So Ron decides to run his Chevy truck. And, no, this ain't no ex-NASCAR Craftsman race truck. It's a 1990 Chevy S-10 pickup, with 126k miles, complete with a mismatched set of whitewall Kelly all-season radial tires, a cloth bench seat, and a four cylinder engine. Yowza! In the first session, I have to admit to being a little hesitant. But Ron quickly picked up the line, we gave point-bys constantly, and gradually, our enthusiasm got the better of us. Since it had bench seats though, and crappy GM seat belts with no tension, and NOTHING on the interior to grab onto, I had to hold on to the roof or door to brace myself, until I got scolded by the corner workers for having my arm/hand out the window. So, for each right-hander (and Lime Rock is 92% right handers!), I'd find myself sliding across the seat, directly into the "girlfriend" seating position. "Uh, Ron, I just want to make sure you understand that while you are a handsome man, I'm not sitting this close to you on purpose...."

    In the second session, I drove a few laps to show Ron the line. We're chugging along, cruising respectfully, when we spot... a quad-headlight Ferrari 330 GT. Could it happen? Yes... yard by yard, we reel in the Ferrari, and pass it in No-Name straight when we get the point-by. Yes! Ron is gleeful, as he can now recount how his beloved S-10 caught and passed a Ferrari on the race track! Apologies in advance (from someone who himself is girthfully challenged), but it's like the old joke: why is driving an S-10 pickup around a race track like schtupping a fat lover? Answer: It's a whole lot of fun, but you don't really want your friends to see you doin' it. (sorry! Sorry!)

    For the third session together, Ron was comfortable enough to run around Lime Rock without using his brakes at all, just dabbing it a bit entering big bend. The gearing, lack of HP and his inexperience meant that we never really got going fast enough to need the brakes, but he was driving the line (mostly) through the corners very well, carrying his (meager) speed, and giving out plenty of point-bys. I was wondering whether to DQ him after the initial couple of laps, but in thinking about it, I thought that he paid his fee like everyone else, he wasn't being dangerous to anyone (although both he and I were probably in fairly deep trouble if something untoward happened), he was learning a LOT (which is the point of these events!), and, equally important, we were having a sh*tload of fun. No one in the group was held up for more than 1/3rd of a lap, as we were both constantly point everyone by us.

    Thanks again to SCDA and Ian (and the family) Prout for a wonderful time. Can't wait until the spring!!!!


  4. enjoythemusic

    enjoythemusic F1 World Champ

    Apr 20, 2002
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    <humbly bows>

    Thank you, will be sending them $$$ and their application sheet ASAP to book a few events.
  5. Roscoe

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    Sep 18, 2004
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    See my post on the 'Lame FCA Year" thread...
  6. b-mak

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    Ian comes highly recommended.
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