Scuderia South Florida Karting at Mega-Racing

Discussion in 'Florida' started by BartonWorkman, Sep 24, 2005.

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    This past Thursday's karting session at Mega-Racing in Opa Locka saw
    about a dozen particpants take part in the first time event.

    The challenging circuit at Mega-Racing features a 100 yard long front straight followed by a high speed right hand sweep leading into some
    twisty bits. The layout is nice and wide with plenty of passing room and
    everyone enjoyed it once we learned the way round. The karts
    are similiar to those at Speed, perhaps a tick slower.

    Pricing is similiar to Speed with a $10.00 membership and $20.00
    for race which features a 5 minute qualifying and 10 minute race.
    Since the layout is not as physically taxing as the tight indoor track
    at Speed and it is outdoors, the body dosent get beat up quite so
    bad and everyone emerged ok with the exception of Martin who's
    famous spin on the opening lap of the race somewhat tarnished his reputation!

    So, it seems Mega-Racing gets a thumbs up from participants and
    we will return in two weeks (Thursday October 6 at 7:00PM). To
    avoid disappointment, please be on time as we are very much on
    Mega-Racing's time unlike Speed.

    Scuderia South Florida Karting Director Andy Lester will answer
    any questions directly.

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