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    Can an SD-2 owner out there please provide me with a complete listing of the sub-directories which were the "complete" library of SD-2 updated routines.

    Under the MAINTENANCE header, it's drop down menu lists as the 5th choice: SOFTWARE INSTALLED.
    This is the COMPLETE LIST which I am seeking, as I do not know the holes which may, or, may not exist.
    Both in general terms, and, specific to my own data files.

    I have a large number of 360 files dated 2000, and, a large number of 575 files dated 2002.

    I remember 131(550), 129(355) files in my SD-1(F-50, too...I think), not too sure of late 456s(M, or GTA) either way!

    Clearly, MIA seems to be 612, Challenge, Challenge Stradale, Enzo(?)...I have no idea..hence the request for help for a complete roster history, with-if possible-file dates.
    thank you all...
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