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    I'm curious to know what folks think of the service history on my car. I made up a "Report Card" to show all the service items dating back to 1988 (as far back as I have). There is over 63K miles on it, so I'm wondering if other "high mileage" owners or if the experts see something that I should take care of or something that may be right around the corner.

    Right now it's in the shop,(can't wait for spring!) I'm having the following done:
    New Fuel Hoses (Scuderia Rampante)
    CV Boots (all 4)
    Fuel Injectors
    Brake Pads & Fluid

    Thanks in advance for any comments.
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    2 things I'd say it possibly/ probably needs.

    -If the brake fluid was really only changed once back in 1994, the calipers are probably a mess inside and will need to be rebuilt. Mine were the same way.

    -The rubber suspension bushings are totally worn out just due to age. Did this one as well on my car.

    Neither of these will keep it from driving, but the difference was substantial when I fixed this stuff.

    I'm sure there's more, but those are the only two I see not on your list that my 'high mileage' car needed.

    Good luck.

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