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    May 20, 2004
    Roselle IL
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    Gary Kouba
    Greetings fellow automotive enthusiasts;

    It gives me great pleasure to announce to all of you a new standard in the industry. I had an idea last year about implementing an association that would standardize the detailing industry and certify the professionals in our business in an effort to bring new awareness and respect to an industry that has lost its integrity over the years. The association would offer initially, assistance to professionals in regard to technical information, like training, OSHA and EPA news and eventually certification. From a non-professional view, people will be able to visit the site and see a list of the detailers in there area which are certified.
    Since time does not allow me to run the program full time, my good friends Jim Hammill and Brain Angelucci, both professionals, will be running the program. I will be on board as an officer to contribute whatever wisdom I can. I’m confident that what we are doing will set a new standard in a business we take pride in. Once people understand what true “state of the art” detailing is all about, we will know that we accomplished our goals. To see our progress in the making visit

    Best Regards, Gary Kouba
    Owner, Perfect Auto Finish
    Roselle IL
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