Shift Knob replacement?

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by M.James, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. M.James

    M.James F1 Rookie

    Jun 6, 2003
    Worcester, MA
    Full Name:
    I bought a 328 shift knob from a dealership to replace my stock 308 QV 'Q-BALL' shift knob. Yes, I'm weird. I liked the orange inlay better. Besides, the 328 knob was way cheaper than anything MOMO or aftermarket Titanium millers are offering.....with all of the OEM Mojo. And it came in a Yellow Ferrari box that was blessed by the Pope.

    Anyway, how do you remove the stock knob? This is probably dead-easy to answer for most of you.....I thought I should ask knowledgable sources before I just start yanking on my stock knob.

    Wait, let me rephrase that last sentence....???
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  3. TOM B

    TOM B Formula 3

    Jul 24, 2003
    Orange County, NY
    Full Name:
    Thomas Buckley
    There's a nut under the knob. Hold the knob with one hand and loosen the nut with the other.

  4. M.James

    M.James F1 Rookie

    Jun 6, 2003
    Worcester, MA
    Full Name:
    Ah-HA! No nut with the new knob, that's why I missed it....
  5. 348paul

    348paul Formula 3

    Dec 27, 2002
    Kent - UK
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    Paul Hill
    #4 348paul, Mar 14, 2004
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  6. Jdubbya

    Jdubbya Two Time F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed

    Dec 28, 2003
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    Just installed a new polished aluminum knob from you Paul. Looks and feels great!! Thanks!!
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  8. Mike C

    Mike C F1 Veteran
    Lifetime Rossa Owner

    Aug 3, 2002
    Southeast USA
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    Mike Charness
    I had a carbon fiber knob made for mine and some other club members, sized larger than the stock 308/328/348 knob. The size matches the larger knobs on the 355 and 360's, and fits the hand better.

    I've still got a couple of extra; if anyone is interested, PM me.

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