Shipping The Lusso to Europe

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    I am considering shipping the Lusso to EUR for a 1 week trip through Italy and France mid September, where I will be able to visit the factory, and then have it shipped back to the US.
    Considering air freighting the car to limit the loss of use I'd suffer if shipping car by boat.

    I know renting a car locally would likely cost less and be no hassle, but I value the experience of not driving a rental when visiting the factory.

    Would anyone here have experience doing so and good companies to refer me to?

    Lots of questions for what seems quite simple: shipping a car.

    For example:
    - I have heard of "car passport" which are expensive but not sure how it applies?
    - How about different local regulations such as "no front tags in US while obligatory in Europe"? Or bit of window tinted which is legally fine in US but not permitted on front doors in France any longer?
    Could this be an issue at customs?
    - How about insurance, while driving the car there?
    - How about insurance covering the shipping? That alone seems like costing as much as the shipping itself. Necessary when shipping with a plane?
    - How about the downtime getting the car through customs?
    - Was considering Geneva but this is Swiss and not EU, so might be over complicated?
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    One of the many threads in the past week by a guy considering sending his 348 to Europe has mention of various sea options

    Yes you'll need driving insurance

    Yes European not US laws apply

    Yes you may want to consider renting locally eg

    Apparently Hertz France have one too !

    Beyond that Google is your friend although there may have been one firm in Italy mentioned about three months ago here
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    You will need front tag in France for sure. They will not let you in without it.
    Window tints...they might stop you, they might not. It depends if the cop wants the revenue or not.
    You will need insurance there. Ask your insurance if they suggest any European provider that they work with. Or try AON.

    I am not sure about your question re insurance when shipping? You most likely need the car to be insured, either for your own comfort (what if the plane crashes..or container shifts etc..) or for your protection (If your car causes an incident while on board due to something faulty on it?)

    I assume if you go through a freight forwarder, they would take care of getting it through customs for you.

    Shipping by plane for a week would be expensive no? Last time i checked it was something like $10-12k? I understand wanting to drive your ferrari to Maranello's special.
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    They will require you to drain your fuel tank and some require you to drain your engine oil as well. I've looked into it - it is a MAJOR hassle, trust me. You'll spend your entire trip navigating the paperwork and red tape. Do yourself a favor - RENT.
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    Wow, there's a LaF for rental through the first link. Is that for real?!

    Can someone please explain how the pricing works for the Hertz rental? It sounds as if it is cheaper to rent for 7 days than to rent for 1-2 days. Who would rent for a shorter period when you pay the same for a longer period? If the price is the rental fee on those days, what's the reason for the jump on day 7?
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    I assume those are daily rates, not the total price ;)

    So yeah, it's cheaper per day if you rent more days, just like all rentals of just about everything. Remember, rental prices for cars these days are probably calculated using machine learning on very large data sets. If the model says 7 days costs more than 6 days or 8 days, then that's how it will be. The algorithms just spit out pricing to maximize customers and revenue based on all the reservation data the have for rentals of this car or cars like it.

    For 7 days it's definitely probably better to rent one than ship one. That's way too short of a time period to deal with all that and shipping, not to mention if you're talking air freight. That probably costs what, $20K round-trip shipping? Isn't air delivery from the factory like a $10K option?
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    BTW, might seem far fetched, but there might be some owners on here in Europe who would gladly rent you their Ferrari for $15-20K. That's a very lucrative proposition if you ask me.
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    Most questions have been answered. I've shipped my 458 Speciale to Italy and back now twice for the Mille Miglia.

    Here is what you need.

    - $20k round trip
    - Drain tank for air, fine with ocean
    - Carnet is needed for Italy (passport)
    - Italian liability insurance card
    - Comprehensive and collision. Hagerty Private client offers this
    - front plate
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    thanks all for the answers and information

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