sighed mobile phone by both drivers

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    I recently sold some of Rubens Barrichello's gloves on eBay. A lady saw what I was selling and e-mailed me to ask if I was interested in this. I'm not, but I wondered if anyone here was. Here's what she said:

    how i came to have this item was i won a compitition on Radio one to be Vodafones guest at the 2003 British GP and after wards they gave me this phone it was signed by both drivers and with a marker pen as i am sure you will agree it is a very nice item and very rare.

    My comment on it is that it's a very nice phone, but not really very practical for every day use as the signatures would wear off. I wonder if it's possible to get a replacement back in the right colour so the phone becomes more practical.

    Anyway, all comments welcome - especially if anyone has any idea of it's value.
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    ferrari signed phone


    hi just wanted to let you all know this phone has been lackered on the back to protect the marker pen signatures was sent away by Radio one. thanks for all your help but can somone please put a value on it for us.
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