since the vanquish is winning the poll...

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by ross, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. ross

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    Mar 25, 2002
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    does anybody have one and wish to share any info about the experience?
    i would like to know if the f1 shifter is in fact as good/better/worse than the 360 and 575. what maintenance issues have you had? what is the handling and manoueverability like? etc
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  3. Kds

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    One of my customers here in Calgary picked his new Vanquish up in Toronto last September, and drove it across Canada back home in 4 days.......some 3,000 kms....more or's been trouble free YTD.

    I can't comment about transmission differences as he has never owned any other paddle shift transmission cars, but in talking with him, he described it as an "extraordinarily comfortable vehicle with enormous gobs of torque at every range in the rpm band"......."extremely smooth at all speeds"......."easy to manuever and drive".........his only negative comment was regarding the attention that the car brought upon itself everywhere it was stopped, or (and even worse IMHO) from other cars on the highway. That's where he said the torque came in very handy..........heh.
  4. redhead

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    Dec 26, 2001
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    Having driven a Vanqusih and 575/360/355, I would say the system is most similar to the 575. On power, it is very fast, and harsh, as is the 575. Off power, normal driving, very easy and very smooth.

    On a side note, the system is made for Ford/Aston Martin from Magneti Marelli.


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