Sooner or later...but(Alonso).........

Discussion in 'F1' started by DF1, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Probably not next year......Id say no deal.............yet. Too much talking going on.

    Alonso will join Ferrari 'sooner or later'
    Friday 11th September 2009 -

    Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo says it's only a matter of time before Fernando Alonso joins the Italian marque but that doesn't mean it will be in time for next year's Championship.

    Alonso has long been linked to a move to Ferrari with rumours claiming the Scuderia could make an announcement at this weekend's Italian GP, choosing the Spaniard over their own 2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen.

    Di Montezemolo, however, refused to confirm the rumours when asked by Spanish reports at Monza, other than to say that Alonso will race for Ferrari one day.

    "Sooner or later I'll make it happen. We'll see when," he said.

    "For next year we have Raikkonen, Massa, Fisichella, Badoer, Gene, and I hope Michael Schumacher, so we have a bench as long as Real Madrid's.

    "We have two great Champions with the 2007 Champion and the man who was 2008 Champion for 15 seconds when he crossed the line. So I think we have two extraordinary drivers.

    "Having said that, I've always liked Alonso, because he is a great driver that I spotted back when he was in Minardi. He won titles, and I've always thought that sooner or later, all great drivers come to Ferrari.

    "Before the race at Imola, Ayton Senna came to me and told me: 'I want to end my career with Ferrari'; Prost, Lauda, Mansell, Michael, so we'll see. We look ahead, and life is long for everyone."
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    Me scratching head...
  4. Ferrarista3

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    This is getting more more more year...

    Hopefully the waiting will end with the next season.

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    Haha I like that comment. Champion for 15seconds!

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