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    Hi all, I normally post to the 360/430 section, but I'm considering a Speciale. Below is a post I posted in that section. I'm posting it here as well to get perspectives of those of you with Speciales who don't monitor the 360/430 section. Note: this post went live while I was still writing the title. Apparently, I can't edit the title. My intention was for the title to be: "Speciale as Scud Replacement."

    I've now had my scud for about 6-7 years. I always said I'd never sell it, unless I would replace it with another Ferrari special series V8. I poked around the internet to see where prices are for the Speciale and noticed that several low-mileage examples are now available in the mid-300s, which I believe is less than they were in previous years. I'm now kicking around the idea of trading in the scud, adding some cash, and getting a Speciale.

    Has anyone upgraded from a scud to a Speciale? Anyone who has owned or owns both? I'm wondering whether or not it would be worth it to make the change and whether or not I would have any regrets in giving up the scud (and I can't have both before someone recommends that). I probably would miss the brutal shifts of the single-clutch transmission of the scud but, other than that, it seems like everything else would be improved upon with the Speciale. The Speciale is slightly heavier, but I think the additional weight is effectively compensated for, so it seems that that's not much of an issue (although I do like being able to say the scud is sub-3000 lbs).

    Please share your opinions. Thanks!
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    I got my Speciale about 2 months now, put some miles on the car. If you can, keep the Scud and get the Speciale. As I'm in the position right now looking for a Scud to complete my V8 special series set up. They are very different cars and I find myself enjoy both of them.

    The Speciale market right now is a bit soft cuz ppl trading or consign them at the dealer cuz Pistas are arriving. That's how I got mine. Good luck finding one.
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    Dave, replies to PM and also check out my thread - Speciale vs 16M....
    In a nutshell, the Scud is super nimble, light feeling, raw and epic 60 ms SCT shifts. The Speciale does everything a bit quicker and tighter with DCT.

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    I had the money for a Scud but after driving it with my wife, she did not like it and we bought a Italia instead.

    No regrets here as the 458 is a fabulous car … Speciale or Italia …. :)
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    Agree the 458/Speciale is slightly more comfortable than the Scud. Different wives for different folks, mine likes the Scud

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    Had a Scud, bought a 458, went back to Scuderia last year. I am not going to speak about what I like more in the Scud, but facts: Scuderia is harder to drive fast compared to Speciale, understeers much more, less responsive front end and harder to handle on oversteer. Completely different traction control and electronic setup in the 458. (one cuts the engine the other brakes the rear wheels). Scud has definitely more noise in the cabin compared to Speciale and if you like to drive fast I think the SF2 gearbox is better. The gear changes in the 458 at full throttle always felt a bit "unnatural" for me, meanwhile it's better in traffic.

    Since I went back from 458 to Scuderia I would suggest you to drive the 458 deeply before buying it.

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