SPOTTED, Ferrari 328 in Oneonta, Blount Co, Sat, Sept 4

Discussion in 'South Central - USA (TN, MS, AL, GA)' started by dbdreams, Sep 8, 2004.

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    David W. Burnett, Jr.
    Unfortunately I missed the track event a Talladega this past Saturday but I did get to see a red 328 GTS in Oneonta that day. I took my daughter to see my niece cheer at a jamboree football game just north of Oneonta. My daughter thinks highly of my niece and I knew she wanted to see her cheer so that is why I decided to forgo the event at Talladega. I wouldn't say I regreted going to the jamboree game but I was kinda missing all the beautiful cars and friendly people that I have met the past few times I have been to the Talladega event. I found myself thinking of the fun I had enjoyed at past events periodically throughout the day. Then just as I was waiting at a red light on highway 75 I saw the graceful thoroughbred prancing towards us and then it turned onto 231. Almost as quick as I could say "look a Ferrari" it was gone but it was a bit of sweet irony that even after I decided to forgo the Talladega event I still enjoyed that small moment of excitement just by seeing such a beautiful car. To some the meer sighting of a Ferrari may seem trivial but I still get excited every time I see one. To me it would seem to add even more to the irony was seeing it in Oneonta. To those of you who may not know where this is, it is a pretty small town surrounded by rural areas. Not really a good bet on a place to see a Ferrari. I did not get a look at the tag so I dont know if it was a local car or someone passing through enjoying the scenery of the Alabama countryside. Oneonta has some historic covered bridges and the surrounding areas make for a nice leisurely drive.
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    It may have been one of our Talladega guys... Victor (328) had to leave early to go back to Huntsville for some real estate deal. Oneonta to Hwy 231 is one of the ways we sometimes travel.

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