Still working on engine latch rattle

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by rickjaffe, Mar 26, 2005.

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    I got some excellent advice about tightening the engine lid fastening mechanism for my 308 gt4, but I still have the rattle. I've tightened to the point where the engine cover is perhaps 3/4" below the luggage compartment. (see attached picture). when I press hard on the engine lid, I can still hear it rattle alittle so I'm assuming that's the rattle. I can't see anything else which could rattle back there (all engine components seem tight, and it doesn't appear to be comming from the back seats); I've tightened it so much that it's alittle hard to close; have to press it pretty firmly down for the mechanism to engage. it doesnt' seem right that I have to keep tightening it even more. any thoughts?
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    My engine lid sits lower than the trunk lid, as per your photo and you really can't adjust that catch pin any further, as the lid frame is starting to dimple.

    Its more than likely the grille, as not all of the fins in the grille are attached to each other (just slipped into each other, the ones that cut across the ones that run side-to-side). If I tap my finger on my grille, it'll make a rattly sound. It doesn't rattle when I drive.

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