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Stinky 348 deoderized w/Cats

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by redcar1, Jan 31, 2004.

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    Nov 3, 2003
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    I posted most of this on the Tubi thread, but thought I'd start another about the smell. I just reinstalled Cats on my 348 because with the test pipes, the thing was SO stinky, that I tended not to drive the car. It was a very overrich fuel type smell and it got really annoying. I researched and fought it forever, thinking there had to be another solution. Surely they couldn't have sold cars in some markets w/o Cats that would stink up your garage or even sitting at a light on a calm day? Apparently there's no good way to even adjust the fuel mixture on the car and the scope/sniff test didn’t show anything out of order.

    So I gave in and ordered High Flow Cats from Random Technology in Atlanta. They duplicated my broken up 14 year old stock cats and the new ones fit perfectly. Actually much better than the test pipes. And the best part.... the car doesn't stink anymore!

    So now I've had every combination of Stock Exhaust w/Cats, Stock Exhaust w/Testpipes, Tubi w/Testpipes and now Tubi w/Cats.

    Tubi w/Test Pipes is definitely the sharpest most aggressive F1 type sound, but I never found it objectionable, and driving through bridges or underpasses at WOT was FANTASTIC! My first impression of Tubi+Cats is that it is similar but a bit "muffled" with some of the sharpness gone, and maybe even a little more bassy and droney (?) while cruising.

    Anybody want to buy my test pipes? I do have to tell you they don’t fit quite perfectly, the exhaust side diameter is a tiny bit too small to properly fit the Ferrari clamp, but they bolt in fine.

    Mark McKenzie

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