Strange "red" Vignale badge / emblem

Discussion in 'Maserati' started by Froggie, Apr 2, 2019.

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    I am considering renovating the Vignale badges/emblems that are on the bottom of each front fender of my Maserati Indy.

    The two badges have lost their colours upon time.
    Both look authentic and original.

    One shows the typical set of colours with blue as the main one, while the other shows an opposite combination of colours, with red as the main one.

    May I ask to owners of Vignale bodied Masers to tell me from their own cars if that red emblem is an anomaly?

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    Edit: I have already asked Fabio Collina from Maserati Classiche and he is not aware of "red" emblems.
    Carrozeria Vignale does not exist anymore, so difficult to ask them...
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    Maybe the factory alternated the badge colors depending on even or odd year model? The boat maker Boston Whaler does this with their logo on hulls in either black or red depending on the year. Would be interesting to see what responses roll in from owners.

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