TAG’s New GTC4Lusso. 12 Cylinders of Fun with Novitec & HRE Goodies, Oh & Straight Pipes…

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    When Ferrari first announced they were making a vehicle with a shooting brake design many were thrown off. But the idea of a 4 seat Ferrari that could handle daily duty excited us. Especially with the V12 engine, we had a hard time believing this could be real life! Fast forward a few years later, and many doubts put to rest, the evolution of the FF is now upon us in the GTC4 Lusso.

    There has been so much talk about the improvement of the looks and drive, from its predecessor, we thought it would be a good fit and a great platform to modify, so we called our friends at Ferrari of Newport Beach and dialed in the order.

    Our GTC4 Arrived literally 48hrs before one of our biggest events of the year in the HRE Open House. But if you know us, you know we were prepared. With perfect timing, a new set of HRE RS300 wheels was fresh out the oven earlier on the day of delivery. HRE busted their tails to get our wheels prepped in time. The Polished Satin Bronze finish came out perfect with Polished Lips. 21/22 combo was chosen and the specs were perfect. After wrapping the new wheels in Pirelli P-Zero rubber, we lowered it on Novitec Springs and debut it at the HRE Open House.....

    Of course, the story doesn’t end there. The following week a palette of goods came in from our friendly pals at Novitec. When one of our team members asked what did we order, “THE WHOLE CATALOG” was the response. We started with the exterior and added all the essential Novitec Carbon Fiber Pieces. The front lip spoiler, side panels, rear spoiler, rear roof spoiler, mirror covers, and rear diffusor all got the Novitec Treatment. Under the hood, the front strut bar was given Novitec attention as well.

    Now for the performance goodies evil villain hand rub. Let's talk about the EXHAUST! We went all out. Novitec exhaust system with flaps & Novitec Tips, Then add the Novitec X-pipe…Then replace the cats, with Novitec cat replacement pipes. And to control the exhaust from the MILD to WILD settings from inside the cabin, the Novitec Switchtronic was added. What do you have? A RIOT OF A SYMPHONY!! We might call it the baby FXX around here. This car is an animal now, and we cannot get enough! Seriously, the videos do not do it justice!

    With the valves closed, and below 3000 RPM mildly cruising around, the car is subtle and not intrusive. ZERO drone inside the cabin and acts civil. Once you pass 3000 RPM, its a symphony of sound with all 12 cylinders wailing in perfect harmony. This is what an Italian V12 is supposed to be!

    With the Novitec enhancements aesthetically and performance wise, well as the new stance this Lusso is insanely fun to drive, and we are going to really enjoy this experience. The ride is not compromised with setup and the overall look is improved greatly. We couldn’t be happier with the grand tourer.

    2018 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

    -HRE RS300 Wheels in Polished Satin Bronze Finish with Polished Lips 21" Front 22" Rear

    -Pirelli PZero Nero GT 255/30/21 & 315/25/22

    -Novitec Lowering Springs

    -Novitec Carbon Front Lip Spoiler

    -Novitec Carbon Front Strut

    -Novitec Carbon Side Panel Set

    -Novitec Carbon Rear Spoiler

    -Novitec Carbon Roof Spoiler

    -Novitec Carbon Add-On Part for Diffusor

    -Novitec Carbon Cover for Mirrors

    -Novitec Exhaust System with Flap Regulation

    -Novitec X-Pipe Exhaust

    -Novitec Cat Replacement Pipes

    -Novitec Switchtronic (Exhaust Valve Controller)










    If you have any questions feel free to contact us HERE
  2. Maximus1977

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    Feb 13, 2016
    Not a big fan of white GTC’s, but the whole package does seem to work for me.
    Job well done!

    Btw how does that switchtronic work; is it a simple remote like Capristo uses?
  3. Carlos@TAG

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    Apr 12, 2017
    Thank you very much! We think it came out absolutely incredible!

    The Switchtronic is not a remove that you have to carry around on your keys. This unit goes into your cigarette lighter port for seamless integration and an OEM look.

    From there it controls the valves through radio frequencies.
  4. My 1st

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    Aug 12, 2017
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    I'm curious. Are all those carbon exterior bits for bragging rights or do they actually save weight or improve performance?
  5. gilly6993

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    Aug 20, 2009
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    The car weighs over 2 tons. There’s no way those pieces can measurably improve performance....

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  6. Maximus1977

    Maximus1977 Rookie

    Feb 13, 2016
    Thank you, this is great info.
    Might get a Novitec cat replacement for my 812. Have the Capristo exhaust and xpipe and it’s still pretty docile

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