Testarossa on axle stands

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by Jonny English, Nov 20, 2020.

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    This winter I want to put the testarossa on axle stands so that I can get the wheels painted and clean around the wheel arches. Where would you guys recommend jacking and putting the axle stands? I also read that the rear glass is prone to cracking if you jack on one side .. not sure how true that is.
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  3. vincenzo

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    Nov 2, 2003
    Good thing you did your research. Windows are expensive.

    Hopefully you have HF in the UK.

    This works great to lift the entire rear at once. It is on clearance sale now, get it while you can. It would not fit my existing floor jacks... had to buy a dedicated Harbor Freight floor jack to fit the cross beam. Not expensive - highly recommended.

    On the front, support under the diagonal frame rails. Lift under the pinch rails. Lifting the pinch rails with a floor jack will crush them. If you lift from below the pinch rails, fit a piece of 2x2 in between the frame’s pinch rails. Fits tightly. This transfers the load directly to the frame rail. This is how I lift the front end after lifting the rear with the HF cross beam. Use a floor jack on each side simultaneously and lift only 2” or so before switching back and forth between left/right sides.

    Twisting the frame will break rear glass!

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