Texas could've been part of British Empire !?

Discussion in 'Texas' started by tonyh, May 26, 2004.

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    Tony H
    I came across this article in today's Daily Telegraph. just think, you lot could be sipping tea and having roast beef for Sunday lunch..........
    Now here's a ripe thought: could George W Bush have been British? I had never known this, but apparently when Texas was still independent and trying to join the United States in the 1840s, its president, Sam Houston, flirted with Britain.

    According to the historian Niall Ferguson, it was only the prospect of the Americans having a British satellite to the south as well as Canada to the north that led to Texas becoming the 28th state.
  2. Ferrari_UK

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    Jeff Howe
    Didn't Colonel Morgan in M*A*S*H used to say "What the Sam Houston....." as an expletive ? Always wondered who he was....!

    Slight tangeant.

    As far as I'm concerned Texas is British anyway !
  3. jimpo1

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    Jim E
    We'd never make it as a British colony, we like our guns too much! :D
  4. BigTex

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    Sam Houston was a pretty cool guy, actually.

    A hard drinker that suffered from borderline depression, he nevertheless was a noted womanizer in his day. He also found time for a political career.

    We have a 60' tall statue of him over here, in Huntsville.

    I pass by on the way to the Mt. Zion Baptist Church BBQ stand, to see those cool old ladies, cooking the ribs!

    I try to emulate old Sam, he's my role model!
  5. Texas Forever

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    Apr 28, 2003
    Ah, Tony, I heard the story a little bit differently. Namely, ol Sambo was thinking about making England the first colony of Tejas...


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