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The F1 unveiling live!

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by SrfCity, Jan 19, 2004.

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  1. SrfCity

    SrfCity F1 World Champ

    Anybody else going to this(1/25/2004 - 1/26/2004) at the factory in Maranello? Includes the F1 unveiling, factory tour, a nights accomodation and dinner. I just got the nod on it :)
  2. GWat

    GWat Formula Junior

    Nov 3, 2003
    My wife and I are going! Looks like the hotel is in Modena.
  3. stokpro

    stokpro F1 Rookie
    Lifetime Rossa Owner

    Jun 25, 2003
    you lucky bastard. :) i wish.... take lots of pics! looking forward to seeing the new 2004 f1.
  4. Maximo_Tifoso

    Maximo_Tifoso Karting

    Jan 8, 2004
    Houston TX
    I would love the opportunity to attend a Ferrari F1 unveiling!!!
  5. beast

    beast F1 World Champ

    May 31, 2003
    Lewisville, TX
    Full Name:
    Rob Guess
    Sign myself up also ;)
  6. SrfCity

    SrfCity F1 World Champ

    Hey GWat,

    PM me and I'll keep an eye open for you and your wife.
  7. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith Formula 3

    Apr 20, 2002
    Oh I'm jealous :) Have a wonderful time!
  8. Prowler

    Prowler Karting

    Jan 10, 2004
    Full Name:
    PLEASE!!!! take lots and lots of pics........
  9. SrfCity

    SrfCity F1 World Champ

    OK, I'm off tomorrow. I think the factory tour is at night after a cocktail party at Fiorano track. What do they expect us to see at night? Oh well, I'll go with the flow. Maybe we'll be given another look after the F1 unveilling on Monday. I'll take lots of picks!
  10. SrfCity

    SrfCity F1 World Champ

    Made it to mecca! I'm now in Maranello after visting the Ferrari museum and Ferrari store. Just arrived at the hotel for the beginning of the Ferrari event this PM. Lots of pics so far and tons more to be had. This place is great!!!!!!! Ciao
  11. cavlino

    cavlino Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Mar 6, 2002
    Ottawa, Canada
    Full Name:
    Carm Scaffidi
    Thanks so much for keeping us informed! I have been thinking about going some year and your reports are sure making it more and more appealing :)
  12. rudy

    rudy Formula Junior

    Jan 13, 2004
    Los Angeles California
    Full Name:
    Rudy Hassen
    I've heard the new car is a 3 wheeler.

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