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Discussion in 'New York Tri-State' started by Black355, Nov 30, 2007.

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    Dear New Member,

    Thank you for coming to the NY Tri-State Section of F-Chat. If you have less than 5 posts, or are coming to NY to visit, this thread will help you find the answer to your question. If you think you've got a question that has probably been asked and answered in the past, you are probably right. As a Ferrari owner, you're probably a pretty smart guy. Or girl.

    This thread will help you find your answer with minimal work on your part.

    I'll get us started with some links and suggestions and other members will probably add their 2-cents. That's what we do on the Internet. Share.

    Which is the best dealer in the area?

    - Chris Miele, Ferrari of Central New Jersey -

    Oh no! My Ferrari got dinged! Who should I take it to for body work?

    - Rocco, Classic Coach - (Oldest authorized Ferrari repair facility in the US)

    I don't want to pay dealer prices to service my Ferrari. Who should I go to?

    - Doctor (for a cat scan to get your head checked out)
    - Steve Arena, Arena-Motors -
    - Rocco, Classic Coach -
    - AutoSport Design -

    My car is dirty and I cannot afford a new one, so I need to clean this one. Where can I go to get it made to look like new?

    - Long Island: Eddie, Detailing Dynamics -
    - Westchester: Matt, New York Motor Club -
    - New York City: Gus, technik1 -

    I don't have $300,000 to spend on a car, but $30k down and $5k a month is doable... Where can I get a loan or a lease?

    - Manhattan Leasing, Marcello Bommarito -
    - Putnam Leasing, Rick Intile -
    - Premiere Financial, Doug Ewing -

    Where can the out-of-town Tifosi go in NYC to see cool cars?

    - Manhattan Motor Cars - - Map
    - Ferrari Showroom - - Map
    - Exotic Car Gallery is CLOSED

    I'm tired of the sound of my engine and want a stereo. Who does the best work?

    - Gus, technik1 -
    - ai Design -

    I don't like people to see me as I cruise around in my Ferrari. Where can I get a primo tint?

    - Gus, technik1 -
    - Art of Tint -

    I hope that this information helps you on your quest and that you had as much fun reading this as I did writing this.

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    Nicely done, Emil! I'm sure many will find this useful!

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