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Discussion in ' UK Workshop' started by Hud, Nov 9, 2006.

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    First of all, thank you all for agreeing to participate. Both Andy and myself have a keen interest in creating a new looking UK section, one that can re-generate interest in the FerrariChat UK section and give another dimension to the enjoyment of the marque.

    You will see a selection of discussion topic threads. Please give as much constructive input as you possibly can and try and keep subjects on topic. We would appreciate it if you could give thought to your posts.

    We will keep this particular workshop open for a period of one week in order to give people time to debate. Once the workshop has been closed Andy and myself will discuss the ideas and points that have been raised and provide you all with feedback. We can then start to move forward with implementation.

    Why do we need a Workshop?

    We all have a genuine interest in these wonderfull cars in one way or other, thats how I would assume most of us got into the whole forum scene. The more we mix and get involved with posting, inevitably the harder it becomes to keep the same levels of interest and quality of posts. Any good retail outlet will re-invent itself every four years to keep consumers interested - and a forum is no different. It is at the end of the day it is almost like looking in a shop window - if you keep the same old window dislpay it's unlikely that you will encourage new customers in and attract only your regulars.

    There are owners and enthusiasts from many different walks of life - variety is the spice of life they say! Certainly variety is what the forum needs to revitalise itself and we hope that by concentrating our efforts on one end result we might come up with some valuable ideas.

    Having another successfull UK Ferrari forum really does make sense for everyone.

    Why make it private?

    1) Firstly it was very interesting to see who would come forward. Bottom line is - how many people actually care? We put in the offer of contacting us through pm so volunteers need not feel like a judas! How many people and which people view these pages each day almost remains a mystery and for some of them reading is all that they might ever do. Those of you that have put your hands up and participated will have different reasons for being here and we welcome views from all aspects of owners and enthusiasts.

    2)We wanted maximum interaction and input on the workshop. Those that wanted to have a say were invited to do so. Had we started a public thread the level of response might not have been so good, and we are keen to move things forward. Previously this seems to have been the case. Those that dont want to and dont care about moving this section forward hopefully aren't in here.

    3)Some people may have views that they may not wish to air publically but may feel more comfortable doing so in a smaller group.

    Thankyou for helping out

    RobH and Andy.

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