the shape of 2007

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by Mark(study), Mar 21, 2004.

  1. Mark(study)

    Mark(study) F1 Veteran

    Oct 13, 2001
    Clearwater, FL
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    What will you be driving in 2007?


    If you think all new cars look ugly... are you getting old? :)
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  3. 348paul

    348paul Formula 3

    Dec 27, 2002
    Kent - UK
    Full Name:
    Paul Hill
    I think its more of a problem that new cars are all looking the same! Even the Seat Toledo is looking like a BMW !!

    Heaven forbid what is in store for 2007 !!

  4. jordan747_400

    jordan747_400 F1 Veteran
    Lifetime Rossa

    Dec 9, 2002
    Houston, TX
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    The new cars seem ugly now...but so would have an F40 in the Im sure we can all grow to appreciate them over time.

    In 2007, I want this! Or something similar...Entirely possible :)
  5. l'esecuzioneItaliana

    Jan 29, 2004
    Just like old cars now look so much different than new ones.
    The future of car manufacturing and designing is upon us...and its scary.
  6. zjpj

    zjpj F1 Veteran

    Nov 4, 2003
    I think the NSX is way ahead of its time - the sports car of the future. If the hybrid powerplant can work with a sports car, that really will be the direction that auto-makers take.
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  8. Mako99

    Mako99 Formula Junior

    Dec 29, 2003
    Honda HSC/Toyota Volta/Supra = Out. My NSX is nice, but neither of these two cars will seriously lure anyone out of the Porsche/Ferrari/Lambo camp. Too boring to drive.

    Modena Replacement = Out. $200k base price for a car that won't arrive for another 18 months and when it does will have LESS HP than a Gallardo has right now? Uh, no.

    Maranello Replacement = Out. Destined to get bigger and heavier, plus front engine placement isn't desirable. Moment of inertia, go look it up Maranello devotees.

    Esprit Replacement = Compelling, but probably Out. Lotus has been firm on estimates of 400HP for the next car, so unless it weighs 2,750lbs which it won't, then I'm not interested. Not when 600HP+ Gallardos will be running around by then.

    So that leaves...

    Lamborghini Gallardo SV. Body design is good, nearly as nice as a Murci with the right wheels, and the SV will be lighter, have more HP, and probably lose the 4WD. Sounds good to me, case closed.

    Any other questions? :)
  9. Badapple

    Badapple Formula Junior

    Nov 20, 2003
    West London
    Full Name:
    From the promos the I think the NSX is stunning, same with the esprit.
  10. RAYMAN

    RAYMAN Formula Junior

    Mar 10, 2004
    Full Name:
    Raymond Santilli
    There is no question, most new cars are commodities, technollogy and the information age has leveled the playing field. Don't tell me there's a difference between any of the american made cars, and unfortunatley that influence is spreading to the European models, Jaguar, Mercedes, Volvo, etc. Wall Street will mandate the cross platforming and swaping of parts etc.

    All this creates is just transportation, and keeps one engineer with one computer, and one wind tunnel busy which is why you have boring looking indistinguisable looking cars

    The famous marques of the past are loosing their identity FAST. No way can you compare new ones with the models of the past. What a Drag!
  11. l'esecuzioneItaliana

    Jan 29, 2004
    The new NSX looks like an Enzo on estrogen. (Thanks Car&Driver)
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  13. Mark(study)

    Mark(study) F1 Veteran

    Oct 13, 2001
    Clearwater, FL
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  14. Mako99

    Mako99 Formula Junior

    Dec 29, 2003
  15. Wickeddeus

    Wickeddeus Karting

    Nov 12, 2003
    For one thing it destroyed the 348 and if it does go with the stated 350hp or under 400hp then no it will not be in the same league as newer Porsche, Ferrari, or Lambo. I do think its economically possible for Honda to put a powerful engine in it though especially if other japanese car makers also put out halo cars. I think it might be even more possible since Honda's president said that the face of japanese cars will change due to the end of the 280ps agreed between japanese car companies. Eitherway, no real use talking about it now we will just have to wait and see.
  16. Doody

    Doody F1 Veteran

    Nov 16, 2001
    MA USA
    Full Name:
    Mr. Doody
    what's the timeline on the new NSX?

    wow - is this for real? very compelling. AWD is one of the things that totally disinterests me on the lambos.

  17. sherpa23

    sherpa23 F1 Veteran
    Silver Subscribed Owner

    May 28, 2003
    Full Name:
    I would most likely buy one, as long as it looks a little more aggressive than the existing car and is a little more fun to drive.
  18. Mako99

    Mako99 Formula Junior

    Dec 29, 2003
    lol right. Is this the same Honda President that hasn't felt the need to drop a V-8 into the RL, even though the LS430 crushes it in sales year after year?

    The same Honda President that insisted on FWD for the new TL which resulted in ridiculous amounts of torque-steer, when every single competitor in the TL's class has long gone to rear or AWD?

    The same Honda President that even now is trying to terminate the agreement with BAR racing for engine supply for the 2005 season due to disappointing results and a large expendiature of money?

    Trust me pal, Honda's President is FAR more conservative than most people realize, and there isn't any money left for "halo" cars when you've got 800lb gorilla Toyota gobbling up marketshare faster than Pac-Man and a continuous yen/dollar problem that is choking the LIFE out of you year after year.

    Back to reality...

    As Mark said, Honda's only hope is in a 350HP (or close to 350) M3 fighter that costs around the same and looks something like that HSC.

    If Honda can build an S2000 for $32k and make money on it, they can certainly pound out a cheap 3.6L V-6 and drop it in a $55k sports car that weighs around 3,000lbs. That's their market, halo status car or not. They do not have the money, resources, or need, to repeat the half billion dollar+ loss they've incurred on the NSX over the past decade.

    It's a smart move for them, and it allows them to capture all of the aging Integra, Prelude, S2000 owners who are loyal to Honda because the car would be in their price range.

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