Thermo Stat Gasket replacement on 360 for $640? HELP NEEDED!!

Discussion in '360/430' started by OceanSide760, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. OceanSide760

    OceanSide760 Karting

    Jul 8, 2009
    Ferrari dealer told me there's a coolant leak on the Thermo Stat on my 360, therefore they need to replace the Thermo Stat Seal (gasket), they told me that it would take about 4 hours of labor. Does this sound right? Really takes 4 hours to fix this damn gasket? What's involved?

    The dealer told me the Thermo Gaskets ranges from $20~$80, they don't know the price yet. I have checked with Ricambi's website and the Part Number is 149279 which priced at $15.00. Should I tell the dealer to price match?

    So the total would be $640 (Maximum):

    4 hours of labor = $140 X 4 = $560
    Thermo Gasket = $80 (Maximum)

    $560 + $80 = $640

    Does this sound right? THANK YOU!
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  3. jsanocki

    jsanocki Formula Junior

    Aug 30, 2006
    Its a Ferrari...nothing is cheap. As for the time to replace, I believe they use a "labor book" in which it states how long a repair should take, and even if they spend 2hr (or 6hr) they charge you the 4hr book time-

    You might be able to save a couple of bucks by going to an independant, but don't expect much....
  4. Ricambi America

    Ricambi America F1 World Champ
    Sponsor Owner

    Even money says they'll replace at least the o-ring, gasket, and t'stat itself while they're in there.
  5. OceanSide760

    OceanSide760 Karting

    Jul 8, 2009
    Dealer called for updates. So the NEW TOTAL would be $740 (Maximum):

    5 hours of labor = $140 X 5 = $700
    Thermo Gasket = $40

    $700 + $40 = $740.00 :(
  6. blkdiablo33

    blkdiablo33 F1 Rookie

    Jul 12, 2004
    pay the extra bucks and get piece of mind.if you overheat your motor than it could be a disaster.
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  8. OceanSide760

    OceanSide760 Karting

    Jul 8, 2009

    I am officially very afraid of Independent Shop now... I will post up my story of my experience with an indenpendent shop soon..

    It all starts from here:
  9. jjsaustin

    jjsaustin Formula Junior

    May 11, 2008
    Austin, TX
    Full Name:
    Let's not lump all independent shops in one bucket and call them bad.

    I think it all depends on the shop. David Moore at Moorspeed runs a good shop here in Austin. So you have to find someone that is competent and you trust. I'm sure there are many good shops elsewhere as well. Ask for recommendations.


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