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Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by abarthracer, Apr 4, 2004.

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    david S.
    Just received my Mondial yesterday. Drove it last night and today and noticed the infamous "brake grind" from the left rear. Thought, Oh great, now I get to do a brake job since the PO didn't do it ! I start to take it apart to get a inventory of what I will need. I look in the caliper and see that I have plenty of pad. Looking closer, I see the idiot, PO, mechanic, or whomever has installed the outer brake pad backwards! The metal backing plate is up against the rotor! I take it all apart, switch it around, have the rotor done and all is good again. How stupid do you have to be to not even know how to put a brake pad in? Very scary, and the first time I have ever seen this. Just had to share.
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  3. thecarreaper

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    Sep 30, 2003
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    dude that is really REALLY scary!

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