Today, I took my wife to a five star hotel in my own county.

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    There were thirty to forty Ferraris as well as some other Italian cars. Someone at my table was driving at a Maserati he had owned for over twenty years but it had to be from the seventy’s or earlier. My sweet wife did not understand why any man would drive a Lamborghini with a paint job of lavender. That car had a very nice paint job.

    I was not part of either of the caravans to the hotel. I arrive on my own. There was one Ferrari parked as I arrived. By the time (45 minutes or so) the caravan came in, the parking got full very quickly. Since I used to be a valet in Orange County, I get to a place early. I normally get a better parking place.

    I watched as the first group pulled in. It was a long line of Ferraris, mostly Modenas going nowhere. I loved the chaos and what the people standing around said. They did not know I had parked a 550.

    The temperature was prefect. Most of the time, the sun was not out because of the coastal clouds. When it did, the umbrella provided shade. My breakfast was good because I was able to make my own bagel with lox and cream cheese among other things.

    The G. M. of the hotel spoke to us for a few moments on a Saturday morning. He did an advertisement but it was a good one. I want to buy what he is selling.

    A couple of years ago, I went to the first meeting of the FDC. I am happy the FDC makes its Ferraris put mileage on their cars. I am proud to be a member of FDC.

    Never drive less than 12 cylinders.
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    Thank you for the compliments - The event was a great success. I'm happy to hear that you had a great time. I know I certainly enjoyed seeing everyone and all of the cars lined up at the hotel! We will definitely host more events at the St. Regis Resort & Spa in the future!
    ... And we'll make sure to put more miles on that 550M of yours, too! :)

    Here are some pictures of the event Bart is referring to...

    "We drive and drive often"

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