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Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by kraftwerk, Oct 1, 2007.

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    From ITV F1

    Ferrari team boss Jean Todt says he will not put a timeframe on how long he plans to remain in Formula 1 – but admits the decision on whether he stays at Ferrari may not be entirely his.

    The Frenchman said at the Turkish Grand Prix in August that he was not yet ready to retire, despite long-running suggestions that he may step down from his F1 duties within the Italian squad to make way for former technical director Ross Brawn to return as team principal.

    Speculation about Todt’s future has resurfaced in recent weeks and, in the Fuji paddock on Sunday during his post-race briefing, he sought to clarify his position following a recent interview.

    "I said that I couldn't stay all my life in Formula 1, but why not the next five years?” he said.

    “So I expressed why not the next five years, but that does not mean I will stay five years.

    “But I don't think somebody should expect me to announce, during a private interview, when I'm going to stop.

    “I will stop when I feel I'm happy to stop, which is a fantastic privilege.

    “There is no official decision about my future and when the proper time arrives, which can be sooner or later, then we will announce it."

    The 61-year-old has been with Ferrari since 1993 and assembled the legendary ‘dream team’ that, spearheaded by Michael Schumacher, achieved unparalleled success from 2000-04

    However despite leading the Italian squad to its most successful period in F1, he admits he is still just an employee of the company and is not the only one who decides on potential driver signings, or indeed whether he continues his own tenure at Ferrari.

    "Of course, talking about Ferrari, the decision is not only depending on me...

    "You know it's the same when we speak about Alonso: 'Todt does not want Alonso.' It's stupid.

    "Ferrari does not belong to me…Ferrari belongs to Fiat and there is a president, [Luca di] Montezemolo, so a decision of this importance is not something I decide myself.

    “But of course I give my opinion and my opinion has probably some influence on the final decision."

    "Of course, some people could decide that they are not interested to have me in the company any more – as I already mentioned, it doesn't belong to me – but then I could still decide to do other things,” he added

    Does this mean Ross is on his way back?
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    Nov 30, 2006
    Ferrari needs Ross Brawn more than they need Jean Todt.
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    Japan and tyres :eek: sooner the better.


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