track tire choices/sizes for 360?

Discussion in '360/430' started by dwe8922, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. dwe8922

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    I'm looking into getting a set of track tires for my coupe. I talked w/ Bob Woodman, and he recomended Hoosier R6 225/40 front, and 275/35 or 295/30 rear. He said using the 285/30 rear would throw off the ABS. He also thought the 225/40F, 275/30R in the Toyo R888 would throw off the ABS. I didn't understand why, and he didn't have time to explain since he was away. I have used Michelin pilot sport cups on my 993 for a long time w/ success, but can't find anyone knowledgable to talk to on fitment. What experiences have people had?

    I am using the stock 7.5F, 10.0R wheels.

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  3. fatbillybob

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    Aug 10, 2002
    You want totake the OEM street tire that Ferrari recommends and caluculate the overall diameter and keep the same overall diameter in your tracktires. If you increase the front tire diameter then increast the rear by the same amount. If the difference is too great the computer traction control will freekout and the driveability will go who knows where. Many cars have this problem and many cars now use traction control. Some cars have more problems with this than others. If you can completely turn off the traction control then you may be able to run track wheesl of any size. In 360's I think you have several performance modes but the TC stays on. In a ZO6 vette for example with a similar system you can run in comp mode and it turns everything except ABS brakes off. Baby sitters suck! It lloks like this is the direction of Ferrari electronics for the future with integrated ABS, TC, E-diff, ECU, tire pressure monitoring systems, elctronic gearbox controls. With all other cars we can defeat them or turn them off. With Ferrari you are stuck with them.

    Toyos ra1 are a good tracktire if you run in rain too but are not as fast unless shaved but last a long time. Hoosier R6's are the hot DOT race tire for dry right now. Many Porsche guys think the MPSC's are faster. You can run the same Pirelli slicks that the challenge cars run and Bob Woodman sells those but do not ship them in the winter because the sidewalls will crack from the cold.
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    I didn't think that r compound tires were good in the rain??? Michelin pilot sport cups are good too. I wanted to run these when I get my next z06 but am probably going to just use the ra1's or some Michelin ps2's since I don't plan to actually track the car.

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