Traded a Viper SRT-10 for a Supercharged XLR-V

Discussion in 'American Muscle' started by SRT-10, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Mbutner

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    Quick Draw
    I say good move. But then again I dont like Vipers at all - esp convt. ones. XLR-V is a nice car that you will not see on every corner.
  2. Tyler

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    Nice car, congrats.

    I really like the car, but can't stomach the reality that while certainly fast, it's acceleration's got nothing on it's ability to depreciate.
  3. RocketBoy

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    Feb 13, 2004
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    Professor Hajji
    Are you an older guy? Are you very tall? As asked before, is it a daily driver? Being in Boston I guess not but if you are yes to the first two I would say it was a good move.

    Viper is a toy, not very comfortable and for a taller (me) or older gentleman, would be a pain. You definitely give up the wow factor but if you wanted a cruiser and not be a poser, that is a good switch. Problem is as already mentioned, resale is a joke.

    If you wanted a comfortable cruiser I think you made a good move. A former neighbor got one in a gorgeous royal/metallic blue and given that he could easilly buy a supercar with his success in life but at 6 foot 3, with severe back problems and an age pushing 65, I think his Caddy choice is just fine and still makes him look cool as he cruises with his lovely wife. Him being cramped, complaining, second guessing a 100K sportscar purchase just to have it sit instead? Not cool.

  4. RocketBoy

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    Feb 13, 2004
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    Professor Hajji
    Excellent points Dave, and I can think of where your comparisons fit perfectly...

    This scenario reminds me of the last generation SL, (which to me the new Caddy just looks like an Americanized version of.) Aren't the stock engine stats of the older SL and the new XLR very similar? Anyway, last SL and last Viper depreciation and ability for resale were light years apart. My Dad and computer consultant bought new SL's in the 90s at over 100K which made sense as they are older guys who wanted cruisers with some speed. Just a year before the new generation the computer consultant decided to keep his SL after he was quoted under 30K for it. At the same time a personal friend (young youth psych instructor) bought a used first gen Viper, held onto it for a few years, sold it for profit, and bought a new gen Viper and never blinked. He is a success story but then again a guy in his 30s in great shape would find a Viper more exciting than a older gentleman's cruiser. It was a perfect case of cruiser vs sportscar resale and buyer profile.

    If the new Caddy owner is an older guy who just wants a cruiser, I think his choice fits inline. A younger guy who wants to have fun but has money to worry about, maybe not a good choice.

  5. chitown dave

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    Nov 30, 2005
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    I currently own an older SL and love it. Has 302 HP stock - mines a bit more but not much. Looked at the new ones but not enough room for 2 sets of clubs with the top (granted hard top) down - whats the point if you can't go to the course with the top down?

    Yes they depreciate - but the Allente was worth less than half in 3 years! were talkin' Maser territory there.

    Actually picking up a used XLR might be the way to go - Mmmmm

    Does it fit two sets of clubs?
  6. Teenferrarifan

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    Just to clarify the 1993 allante was the first and only year of the northstar engine for that car. They were released in early 1992 but as 1993 models.
    Dad owned "pu125081" 1993 triple black allante
  7. chitown dave

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    Nov 30, 2005
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    Sounds plausible - its been awhile. Bought new in 1992 as a 93 model. It was his retirement car and I remember the salesman making a big deal about the Northstar - which as it turned out is a fine engine.

    But it was never really his cup O tea - he drove Buicks because they werent as "flashy" as the Caddys the generals drove (he is a retired full bird).

    Tired of it (been in enough Jeeps he said) and got killed on DEP which matters on a military pension.

    Actually talked him into an Acura coupe that he loves (type S of course).
  8. Aureus

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    88-93. Only year for the Northstar was 93. The Car is late eighties. Changing the engine in the last model year does not a new car make.

    The Allante comes from a different segment of Cadillac’s history and I don't personally see the XLR suffering the same fate as the Allante. It might, but I sincerely doubt it. We've simply got a disagreement about the future of the XLR-V. I really don't see where your heated emotions are coming from.

    And I suppose you consider yourself a mature adult? I have a job, and I've done some pretty ****ty ones in the past. You'll have a hard time trying to lecture me on the value of money and resale. But then you're also talking to someone who thinks about car ownership in terms of decades and hundreds of thousands of miles. Not 3 years on a lease.
  9. chitown dave

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    Nov 30, 2005
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    Someone needs to take a reading comprehension class -

    When did I say it wasn't a late 80s design? Can't find it can you? Thats because I never disputed it. I simply stated the car I was refering to had the Northstar - the last and supposedly best year for the car.

    And the resale was still apalling.

    As far as the heated emotions as you put it, lets go back to your first post. First off my comments weren't even directed to you - you personally singled me out in quite a condescending tone.

    "Right, because references to a car from the late 80s has what to do with the latest crop of frankly excellent cars Cadilac has been making?"

    Do yourself a favor and say that out loud - don't you think that sounds abrupt? Would you say that to a friend out loud? A colleague at work? Your boss?

    Lets take the latter - your boss - because that is who I am. I own a successful company in an extremely competitive business, have employees that include a number of 20 somethings, and deal with hundreds of demanding professionals who use the services of my firm on a daily basis.

    Now you had no way of knowing that of course but because that is who I am I take offense to having my opinion so arrogantly dismissed by anyone - much less a 20 something college kid.

    This is the last I'm going to say on this - I come here for a bit of escape not to argue. Im sure your a decent kid and I wish you the best - but maybe - just maybe - you need to slow down and think a bit - believe me you'll make better choices in the long run.
  10. Aureus

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    QUOTE=chitown dave]
    When did I say it wasn't a late 80s design? Can't find it can you?

    Thats because I never disputed it.[/quote]

    It looked to me like you were saying it was early 90s. Apparently I misinterperted your intent.

    Generally thats what happens when you try to save a bad design with a good engine. XLR, Good design, V, good design with better engine. Doesn't quite work out the same way as the Allante.

    This is a webforum. Free and open exchange of ideas and communication. Everything you put up is addressed to the public. Want to address it to a single person? Throw it in a PM.

    Yes, yes and yes. Do yourself a favor and read it out loud without any imagined sarcastic tones or other miscellaneous bull****. Its a simple sentence regarding Cadillac of the past vs present. You want to read more into it, feel free to.

    No, you're not. I prefer my bosses to keep their emotional control, understand the basic use of the apostrophe and spell on at least a 3rd grade level. Three attributes that you don't demonstrate.

    So what? That has nothing to do with your opinions about cars nor the topic of this forum. Go over to the business section if you want to discuss your business acumen.

    Unfortunately, owning and running a business does not make you an expert on anything. Anyone can arrogantly dismiss your opinions to the garbage heap if they so choose. And they're probably going to do so if you loose your cool over the imagined emotional content of a post.

    You'll find that I don't take advice from people of your 'caliber.' Next time you want to wish someone well, try to avoid the whole condescending 'I'm better than you' tone. Call me a hypocrite if you wish, but at this point I'm just responding in kind.
  11. SRT-10

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    Dec 16, 2003
    Greater Boston
    Thanks for the opinions; it has been an interesting read. To answer a few questions, I am neither old, nor tall, but rather middle-of-the-road on both counts. I also own a six-speed, CTS-V (redundant) that is, by far, the best daily driver I have owned. I once took it to the drags and with the stock 3.73 gears it’s hard to get the car under 5,000 rpm’s until it hits 4th. Power-shifting will smoke the tires almost the full length of the track, so I understand what MikeAR303 is trying to say when he talks about a complete lack of “road feel.” My last 2 toys have been Vipers and they have brought me a great deal of fun over the last 6 years. Unfortunately, the coil-over suspension, coupled with a very rigid tubular steel frame, make it a better design for the glass-smooth surface of a track, versus the bumpy roads of New England. I hate to say it, but with all gawking aside, driving the Viper is like driving a 510hp camper. BTW, I have the fastest ¼ mile time reported for stock GenIII Viper (11.78) over on the VCA board. This time has held up since June of 04. I only state this to show that I like to drive my cars.

    I moved to Dodge originally because of Bob Lutz and Carroll Shelby’s involvement with the Viper project. When Lutz went to GM he helped raise the performance bar and now they have a 505hp Corvette and V-Series Cadillac’s. These two pioneers are American car icons. Cars with Shelby’s thumbprint were off the charts at Barrett-Jackson recently (Shelby Cobra/GT350/GT500). Vin#1 of the new 2007 GT500 sold at B-J auction for $600k. I am a big fan of all things motor sports, but I am currently buying American.

    The above are a few of the reasons I've bought the XLR-V. I was ready for a change and when I saw the car out at the LA Auto Show I fell in love with it. Lastly, I don't do leases so I'm with Aureus.

    Again, thanks for all of the responses.

    XLR-V vs. standard XLR:

    More aggressive hood (raised), and front facia
    Mesh grill
    19", 10 spoke wheels vs 18", 7 spoke
    Pirelli run-flats vs Michelin
    V-badging with "supercharged" lettering
    Wider tires, 255 rears vs. 235
    New 6 speed automatic tranny vs. 5 speed
    DOHC Northstar supercharged engine, 443hp vs 320hp
    Brembo brake package
    Beefed suspension, heavier control arms, anti-roll (front & rear)
    Recalibrated shocks
    Interior elements, hand-stitched leather dash
  12. lotustt

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    Aug 28, 2002
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    Nice, anymore pics?
  13. wcelliot

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    I owned an early '87 Allante and except for the power deficit, it was an overall better driver than the SL of the same period... but not nearly as good as the new SL series that came out in '91(?).

    I also owned a Northstar Allante and thought it was a very capable car. the chassis and interior was dated, but the styling and power were awesome... and the handling (with a few minor tweeks) respectable.

    The real problem with the Allante was that they were a car without a clear market segment. Most potential SL buyers wouldn't consider one and neither would most (then) current Cadillac owners... they just wanted a convertible Edorado. The fact that they were unpopular when new (combined with the most complicated electronics of any American car to date) really killed resale values.... though a clean Northstar still brings $20kish.

    Plus they were substantially overpriced (my '93 stickered at close to $75k) and ungodly expensive to build.

    Though the XLR isn't the same car as the Allante, it is a similar SORT of car. It will be interesting to track resale values versus the Corvette.

    I've not driven an XLR-V (so I really can't directly comment) , but I liked my 12-yr old Allante better than the ALR I drove. The chassis was MUCH superior (of course) but the overall performance really wasn't better and the new car was cramped and uncomfortable compared to the Allante. At the time, I mused that if I really wanted a car like this, I'd spend less and buy a Vette...

    My wife totalled my '93 (similar to the way I had totalled my '87 ten years earlier) and I replaced it with an M3 'vert...

  14. Poweredbyme91

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    Hector Silva
    SRT-10 is so much more 'rawer'. I Wouldn't have traded it IMO.
  15. Bullfighter

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    Ditto, although I'm not a Viper guy so what do I know. I like my weekend cars to be as impractical as possible!

    Keep us posted on the Caddy. Frankly the resale would keep me from buying one, but I'd be interested in your real world experiences with the car. I loved the retractable hardtop on my SLK, and I'm sure the XLR would eat that car for lunch.
  16. Webby

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    Sep 12, 2004
    Both are great cars although I would have kept the Viper because it is more recognizable. Please post more pictures though! (of both)
  17. FerrariF50lover

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    Looks nice! Enjoy the car its beautiful.
  18. Auraraptor

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    Sep 25, 2002
  19. wax

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    Dirty Harry
    Nice to see you throw caution to the wind and in the larger sense, to see Cadillac do the same - hopefully returning to "Standard of the World" glory days. It's been what, 30 years since the "folded paper" look has become part of the Cadillac design staple, and still, it's an issue for many - apparently this wasn't an issue for you - how much of a leap was it based on the lines of the Viper vs. the Caddy?

    The watery background in the first shots - possible to include more of it and the car?
  20. Ferrarispeed28

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    Great Car! I rarely ever see this car on the road and even to see a V Series would be rare. It will definetely be a classic in the future and I think a huge styling icon.

    Enjoy the car and please post more pics! The only XLR-V i saw was the debut at the New York International Auto show in 2005
  21. jimpo1

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    Jim E
    You've moved from dating a stripper to a supermodel.
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    Looks like you're asking two questons here: (1) What do others think of the Viper and (2) what do they think of the XLR-V?

    I had a 2001 Viper GTS for about a year. Dark metallic blue. Taking it out was like going for a drive in the Batmobile, including onlooker reaction. In other words, it was simply a bit much for ordinary human use. ;)

    I think Cadillac has a superb car in the basic XLR - so very, very good, in fact, that my only question about the XLR-V is whether the additional pricetag for the blower & etc. is really worth it. [One could ask the same question about the C6 Vette vs. the C6 Z06 Vette. The regular car with 6-speed and Z51 is already so fast that most drivers will find their limits long before the car finds its.]

    But there is always the cachet of having the Top Gun of anything, and in the XLR realm you've certainly got it. I think you will have an enormously great time with it.
  24. bottomline

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