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    I want to thank the FCA & FChat Members for reaching out to show interest in this event. Here is what we do have confirmed. Sunday October 1st @ Indianapolis Yacht Club on Geist Reservoir. we have the entire club to ourselves and will have Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner served for everyone there onsite. We will have (6) Donzi 43ZR's Speed Boats anchored at the Yacht Club for tours of Geist Reservoir. NVS Designs will be making a documentary of the event and each attendee will receive a copy of the DVD Documentary when finished. We are diligently trying to get the city of Indianapolis to approve a permit to allow us to add a day (Saturday September 30) to this event. This would include Breakfast @ The Columbia Club downtown on Monument Circle and parking the 150-300 Ferrari's on the circle for a photo shoot with drones. Unfortunately this requires about dozen Indianapolis Police Officers to close Monument Circle. After Breakfast we would receive a police escort to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a Tour and a couple laps in the Ferrari's around the track and have the drones do video of the whole thing. Then Lunch & Dinner in some Indianapolis hot spots. Attendees of this Inaugural event will receive "Alumni Status" for the Rally that will follow on year #2. (Indianapolis, Chicago, Green Bay, Mackinaw City, Toledo & Back to the Finish Line in Indy) 1200 Miles, 5 States all in a weekend! Getting attorneys at local governments to bless events which require police escorts, closures of roadways and getting a bond/insurer is not an easy task. Just getting Ferrari's blessing to use a similar logo for the event polo's & memorabilia each attendee would receive was difficult and required a lawyer for all the red tape. We had got permission to use a private airport nearby with a mile long run way to take the Ferrari's out and set up an obstacle course and a flying mile to make some top speed runs...The insurance for that was nearly 6 figures!The good news is there are dozen of local Indianapolis Business that want to get involved with this group! Numerous Exclusive Restaurants, 2 Luxury Jewelers, Helicopter Tour, 3 Country Clubs, Private K-12 School, 2 Five Star Hotels and a Law Firm owned by and Attorney who owns 3 Ferrari's. This event will only get better with time. I will have the website operational in the next week so people can register. I will say I am true car enthusiast and I am really excited to spend time with other who love their cars as much as I do. We are a rare breed! I will continue to keep you posted as I have numerous meetings this week with city officials.
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    If you could pull this off, it would be a monumental feat. It sounds really interesting. It would be great to have a stop off point at Michigan International Speedway for the rally. But that woudl just add to the complexity! Good luck with everything.
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    So how does one get signed up?

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