Valet crashed into my F12 - looking for an attorney who can help with insurance

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    Sep 9, 2007
    I currently have AIG, but was notified by SF of their collector car insurance, agreed value. I have homeowners, earthquake, about for 5 regular cars and.umbrella liability. If I don't bring my CS to SF, ie, they insure all my cars, they are.charging me a Surcharge around $2900, more.than my AIG premium.
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    I use Nationwide Private Client. They're good.
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    The cost of the bumper can vary dramatically based on options and what exactly was damaged. Parts-wise, the basic bumper (new, unpainted) is $6.4k, but the grille is $3-4k, and spoiler is $1-6K with variance based on features (carbon, camera, finish, etc). Is there structural damage?
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    I hate to use the old adage “you get what you pay for”. Do you seriously expect great claims service from insurance companies that mainly compete on premium cost? If their premiums are so low how can they make any money with very generous claims service, after all that’s what they are in business for making money.
    There are a raft of very good exotic/classic car insurers that handle auto claims exceeding well. There are a few general insurers who also segment their customers to folks with higher end cars, homes , other toys etc. However rarely be they attempt to compete on premium cost. Those insurers compete within this small group of insurance carriers for those clients. A larger regional insurance broker with a broad spectrum of markets can sort out all your insurance issues. I know I used to be one, far, far from rocket science.
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    Sorry but they suck. Big time

    OP. Look into one of the high end insurers. Chubb. Grundy. with anything else you get what you pay for...

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    Is there an echo in here?:D:D:D
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    USAA and Chubb
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    Rob Barry
    Any chance you can provide any more info about your experience with USAA? We've been with them for the last 26 years and they have been great. We switched to them in 1994 when I got rear ended driving onto an Air Force base. We had State Farm and they were terrible, but the person who hit me had USAA and then took care of everything. They cover our house and all our cars and have always treated us well.
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    USAA has been very competitive and responsive for us for over 25 years. Home and auto.
    USAA uses / reps Chubb for higher valued homes (at least here in NY)
    USAA adjusted and paid for my F12 damage in less than a week regardless that it was 100% the other party's fault.
    USAA uses / reps Progressive for my cycle insurance in RI.
    I have had 2 major home damage claims , not an issue at all.
    The only bugger is not being able to talk to a person quickly, always a litany of buttons to press.

    I had Allstate before them.
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  10. cwall

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    Apr 10, 2011
    None. Have the car apart and it seems that only what was visibly damaged needs replacing.
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    geico was amazing on my new panamera and restored xke after flooding in sandy storm. about to switch my lotus from american collectors to lleyland west ins. less than 1/2 premium for identical coverage. taking chance with them hoping i never find out if they pay claims or not.
    hope the 812 is back soon.
  12. randkin

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    Just one comment, when you have two different policy forms you will never have “identical “ coverage. Neither of the policy forms are “standard” forms so the forms will not be identical. Just be sure you know what the differences are, your broker will be able to explain the differences whether they are minor or significant.
  13. 95spiderman

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    Nov 1, 2003
    you are correct. there one has little more of one aspect while other has same amount more of another. overall as close as can be. big issue is whether cheaper one pays their claims. but then i never found out if more expensive one would have paid either. insurance is just another form of risk
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    Oct 17, 2015


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