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Discussion in 'Chicago' started by turbomangt, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. turbomangt

    turbomangt Karting

    May 20, 2004
    Roselle IL
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    Gary Kouba
    This is worth sharing because it proves my case in point that the
    general public needs solid information on car care. Yesterday I
    received a panic phone call from a man telling me how he was destroying
    the finish on his black Mercedes. After I calmed him down he told me
    that while he was waxing the car, and he couldn’t get the scratches and
    swirls out of it. (da) Turns out the more frustrated he got, the more
    he rubbed the wax into the finish. I was in the middle of doing a car
    at the time but told him to bring the car in later in the day. He asked
    if he should remove the wax (I was thinking he meant “strip” the wax).
    When he showed up the wax was all over the car. What must have applied
    half the bottle of wax over the whole car, AND THEN HE LET IT SIT FOR
    HOURS, before he attempted to remove it. When I first saw the car (wish
    I had my camera) the car looked white not black. Looked like he applied
    it with a putty knife. His wife drive him home and I told him I would
    take care of his baby, and I’d call him later. I don’t think anyone has
    tried detailing a car before with dried wax all over the car, but let
    me tell you, it’s a job to get off. Had to solvent bath the car (twice)
    before I could even start my regular process. Once I got the prepped, I
    used my paint cleaner with the Cyclo, then tried some Meguiars hand
    polish (for kicks since I had some) then finished with my sealant. You
    will have to take my word for it, the car looked stunning. The owner
    offered me a $50 tip(which I did not accept) I told him I charge a fair
    price for what I do, and that’s how I work.
    In conclusion, my detailing clinics which are spreading now across the
    country like wild fire are the key to running a successful detail
    business. In five minutes of education talking to this owner, he knew a
    little more on how to care for his car.
    Here is what this guy needed to know.
    1. Don’t start with the final phase in detailing as the first step.
    2. Never over apply wax, the best wax job is paper thin
    3. Don’t let wax sit on the car
    4. Remember that by waxing you won’t remove paint imperfections
    5. If you are not sure of what to do (attend a Perfect Auto Finish
    detailing class)
    I had to add that one! Gary
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  3. RocketBoy

    RocketBoy Formula 3

    Feb 13, 2004
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    Professor Hajji
    Show us the pics, before and after. Invite us to a free detail class or tell us when your next in house at a dealer stunt will be. In that case you can offer us a sale of Micro-fiber for the sacrifice of a few hours of your time. I don't doubt your results nor your enthusiasm, but these constant sales pitches I don't think are getting to anyone on Fchat. Lets see your work, I have little doubt that it is nothing but awesome. But just don't keep telling us how great things are.

  4. turbomangt

    turbomangt Karting

    May 20, 2004
    Roselle IL
    Full Name:
    Gary Kouba
    I have pics of my work posted already titled (Pics 360 Spider) I have a coupe in my shop as we speak (black) with swirls all over it. You can locate my clinics on line any time you like, p.s. I have recieved some extremely encouraging (and kind) PM's from memebrs here that told me they have learned much from my info. I guess I can't please the world. As long as the majority votes, I'll stick with it. Gary

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