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Very unique 328 in DuPont.

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by FerrariFrank1, Feb 10, 2004.

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    Aug 15, 2003
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    I got my March issue of DuPont Registry for Fine Automobiles,in the mail yesterday. And,in the Ferrari section,there is an '89 328GTB. That is Dark Green Metallic,with Tan interior. The car has 1,250 original miles. Just had Major service,including: Belts,New Tires,Brake Lines,Fuel hoses. $74K. See it,and another one at: very unique looking. Personally,I'm not big on Green cars. But,this one certainly does look unusual. See. All of those who "Shun" the low mileage cars are wrong. If you have a high mileage car,and do a service,lines,hoses,etc. You are left with a (Fresh) but,still,High mileage car. Do the same on a low mileage car,and you are left with a Fresh,low mileage car. Too bad that this one isn't Red,Black,Silver,Blue. IMO. O.K. Wait a minute. I just checked that site,and they do have a Red/Black '89 328,but it's a GTS,with 1,069 miles. (75K,too.) Also,click on their link for Customers Cars. Some very nice specimens. And,they also have a "works in progress" thread. Shows engine out, Tubi install. All sorts of neat stuff. Cool site.

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