355 Video: How to Replace CV Boot on 355 & 348

Discussion in '348/355' started by spiderscott, May 17, 2019.

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    Just finished replacing two of my CV boots on the 355. Its a common problem on these cars and is quite hard to see the boots and check them for splits, but well worth getting down there and taking a look.

    The Boot Kit itself is very cheap at £10 for 1x Rubber CV boot 2 x Metal Clip 1x Packet of Grease

    The process takes a good couple of hours, hopefully with the video it helps and speeds up the process.

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    I wish this video was around when I did mine. Thank you for making it! It is interesting that you had enough clearance to pull the wheel bearing hubs all the way out. Mine only went so far because of the emergency brake cables wouldn't allow me to remove the hubs far enough to do so. Maybe its because its an early 355 or my ebrake is in need of adjustment?
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    Thanks for posting. Great video!
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    Ian Riddell
    Are all the required torque settings for those components in the manual or did you use the white knuckle technique? :D

    The manual isn't always as helpful as it should be...

    "Axle-shaft fastening screw to the differential flange.... 78Nm
    Axle-shaft fastening screw to the differential flange.... 95Nm"

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