Weak Stomach? Don't Watch, F50 Collides w/ Pista Piloti

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by FerrariFR33458, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. mello

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    Jul 12, 2013
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    Sad. One less unicorn.
  2. azzurribaggio

    azzurribaggio Formula Junior

    Did that one blue Ferrari just stop in the middle of the road to talk to someone? Regardless the person behind always needs to be aware.

    Sad to watch

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  3. FerrariFR33458

    FerrariFR33458 Formula Junior

    Aug 4, 2017
    Wash DC Area
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  4. syata

    syata Formula Junior

    Feb 23, 2017
    Wow sure like to hear why the driver in the blue car stopped since that road is very narrow and seems you can’t pass there.

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  5. tonyswfla

    tonyswfla Formula Junior
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    Dec 2, 2007
    sums it up nicely
  6. henryr

    henryr F1 World Champ
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    Nov 10, 2003
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    Juan Sánchez Villa-L
    seemed like the f50 locked them up for quite a distance
  7. willrace

    willrace F1 World Champ
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    Oct 21, 2006
    North Tay-has
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    Pista driver driver had just received THE MOST AWESOME TEXT EVAAAAARRRRR!!! Totally worth stopping in traffic.
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  8. crinoid

    crinoid F1 Veteran

    Apr 2, 2005
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  9. crinoid

    crinoid F1 Veteran

    Apr 2, 2005
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  10. stavura

    stavura Formula 3

    Sep 1, 2016
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    Harold Lounge
    Yikes... That would ruin your day.
  11. MrF355

    MrF355 Formula Junior

    Mar 4, 2008
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    You will not know the extent of the damage to the Pista until you pull it apart. Minimal exterior damage is probably hiding major damage behind. That was a good shunt up the rear so what has been moved out of place, what has cracked? Will not be a cheap repair.
  12. mwr4440

    mwr4440 Four Time F1 World Champ
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    Jun 8, 2007
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    Mark W.R.
    Driving on Capri is freaking NUTS.

    Driving a Supercar on Capri is just ASKING For IT.

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  13. Nospinzone

    Nospinzone F1 Rookie

    Jul 1, 2013
    Weston, MA
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    I don't know why the Pista stopped, but you're driving on a narrow road with people lining the roadway, one has to be prepared to stop and stop quickly. For me, the F50 owns this one.
  14. BT

    BT F1 World Champ

    Mar 21, 2005
    FL / GA
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    Bill Tracy
    Pista was performing a standard brake check. F50 probably proud of the originality of the machine, including the tires.
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  15. aaronrgonz

    aaronrgonz Karting
    Miami 2018

    Apr 17, 2018
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    Aaron Gonzales
    Racking my brain over why he did that so suddenly o_O
  16. amenasce

    amenasce Two Time F1 World Champ
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    Oct 17, 2001
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    Andrew Menasce
    Judging by how fast they were going, i wonder if it was under police escort? Although the crowd seems to be very close to the cars...I still dont understand why the Pista stopped as the J50 clearly doesnt stop or at least not nearly as abruptly. I think the Pista owner is at fault here (yes you need to maintain your distance but stopping abruptly on a one lane road doesnt make sense..)
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  17. NaO

    NaO Karting

    Apr 23, 2017
    Thankfully there’s video to present a pretty solid case. However, it’s very hard to ever pin it on the driver in front. Always need to be aware and ready . Hopefully the piste driver plainly admits fault and everyone moves on.

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  18. nucley

    nucley Rookie

    Dec 24, 2015
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    It seems to me that pista owner slowed down to accelerate later in front of the crowd.
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  19. ross

    ross Three Time F1 World Champ
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    Mar 25, 2002
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    the ruling will be against the f50.
    clear as day.
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  20. enzoformenh

    enzoformenh Formula Junior
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    Aug 26, 2004
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    Mike F
    Tragic for sure. I wonder how old the tires on the F50 were. Looks like a case of old hard rubber tires not stopping the car. The overhead shot shows that the F50 skidded a long way. Amazing to see that overhead shot. What a cool place to watch the event.
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  21. RudyP

    RudyP Karting
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    Dec 6, 2018
    La Jolla, CA
    Hard to say but I could see the Pista guy having gotten spooked by a pedestrian getting too close and/or appearing to be moving into the road (and therefore at risk of hitting a pedestrian). It is easy to imagine being a little nervous and focused on all those spectators and not at all paying attention to what is going on behind you.
  22. tomc

    tomc F1 World Champ

    Apr 13, 2014
    DFW, Texas
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    Tom C
    Surely, this car will be repaired and put back to new?

    It did not look like much damage to the Piloti, and the F50 occupants looked to be walking around post-crash OK.
    Hopefully, no major injuries...T
  23. Manda racing

    Manda racing Formula Junior
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    Feb 25, 2015
    Bakersfield, Ca
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    "more cameras than guns have shot down planes."
  24. crinoid

    crinoid F1 Veteran

    Apr 2, 2005
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    It seems from the clip he is stopping for fan service to please the onlooking crowd and be cool. It didn’t work.
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