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    A film crew was on location deep in the desert. One day an Old Indian
    went up to the director and said, "Tomorrow rain."

    The next day it rained.

    A week later, the Indian went up to the director and said, "Tomorrow

    The next day there was a hailstorm.

    "This Indian is incredible," said the director. He told his secretary to
    hire the Indian to predict the weather. However, after several successful
    predictions, the old Indian didn't show up for two weeks.

    Finally the director sent for him. "I have to shoot a big scene
    tomorrow," said the director, "and I'm depending on you. What will the
    weather be like?"

    The Indian shrugged his shoulders. "Don't know," he said. "Radio is

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  3. Forza1

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    Mar 20, 2004
    Ah ha! Good for nothing Indians... :)


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