Webber favourite for Williams ride

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by Admiral Thrawn, Jun 13, 2004.

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    [13/06/04 - 10:56]
    Sam Michael very keen on the Australian

    Mark Webber is favourite to land a spare BMW-Williams drive in 2005.

    Asked if the rumours were true, Grove's technical director Sam Michael said in Montreal: "Yes. He has the right mentality and has always been very fast."

    Much will depend on Mark's contractual situation at Jaguar.

    It's believed a two-way performance clause is in effect.

    Webber, 27, responded to Michael's assertion by claiming the decision about where he'll be next season is "in my hands. I think about it every day."

    "There's only so much time you can spend against a brick wall."


    I'd love to see Webber driving for Williams. It would mean he'd finally be in a top-class team to demonstrate his full potential. :)
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    and after last nights race he'll be even keener to get there :)

    I always feel sorry for talented guys driving crap (and you know you're driving crap when they give you the list of towing services as you hop in :))

    Whereas JPM is going to get his just deserts when he joins up with the devil :)
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    I agree, webber will be a good fit at wiliams.

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