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Wednesday Joke---------------------

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by tonyh, Feb 11, 2004.

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  1. tonyh

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    Dec 23, 2002
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    Tony H
    Three tortoises, Mick, Alan and Les, decide to go on a picnic.
    So Mick packs the picnic basket with beer and sandwiches. The trouble
    is the
    picnic site is ten miles away so it takes them ten days to get there.

    When they get there Mick unpacks the food and beer. "Ok Les
    Give me the bottle opener."

    "I didn't bring it," says Les. "I thought you packed it."
    Mick gets worried, He turns to Alan, "Did you bring the bottle

    Naturally Alan didn't bring it. So they're stuck ten miles from
    Home without a bottle opener. Mick and Alan beg Les to go back for
    It, but he refuses as he says they will eat all the sandwiches.
    After two hours, and after they have sworn on their tortoise
    Lives that they will not eat the sandwiches, he finally agrees.
    So Les sets off down the road at a steady pace. Twenty days
    pass and he still isn't back and Mick and Alan are starving, but a
    Is we'd a promise. Another five days and he still isn't back, but a
    promise is a
    promise. Finally they can't take it any longer so they take out a
    Sandwich each, and just as they are about to eat it, Les pops up from
    behind a rock
    and shouts........

  2. sletti

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    Nov 19, 2003
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    Stig W

    Perhaps we should have one thread called "Jokes", and keep updating it. Perhaps it become another "bonkers" thread, as well as an easily located source or wit and wisdom.

    anyway, my contribution.....

    A father asked his son, Little Johnny, if he knew about the birds and the bees.

    "I don't want to know!" Little Johnny said, bursting into tears.

    Confused, his father asked Little Johnny what was wrong.

    "Oh Pop," Johnny sobbed, "For me there was no Santa Claus at age six, no Easter Bunny at seven, and no Tooth Fairy at eight. And if you're telling me now that grownups don't really have sex, I've got nothing left to believe in!"

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