What happened to the suppposed 25 versions of the 512S produced ?

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    And to keep talking of movies while getting back on 512S/M topic:

    An Argentine movie from 72, Piloto de pruebas, showing the 1971 GP in Buenos Aires and then that year's 1000km race with several 512's and great footage thereof. You can see Froilan Gonzalez and Fangio in the pits.

    Alas it is the race in which Ignazio Giunti perished in the factor 312PB and be warned that is shown from a distance. After that there is some local dirt road racing and at the end what looks like an Indycar or F5000 race but clearly in south America not sure what that was. No English subtitles, did not watch the whole movie, just rifled through it.

    More details here:
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