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    Nov 4, 2005
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    Has anyone seen the new Landrover commercial?

    Apparently they drove one onto a C-130 Hercules, and used it's
    GPS, to navigate from Nice, to Corsica, @ 9000 feet.

    "Approaching 9000 feet.....Adjust heading twenty degrees to One Five Zero, and we'll track Corsica"

    and they call this.......... "extraordinary" ? ? ?

    They could have chosen any heading betweem 120, and 170 from Nice,
    and still have tracked Corsica. Heck! Could have even done that, with a magnetized needle in a glass of water!....

    They comment, that the GPS is similar to the one used in these aircraft.
    Duh, Yeah is.
    Only in the respect, that it uses the same satellites..... Hahaha!

    Check out the behind the scenes...Bull Dung...

    Oh yeah..... Nice to Corsica, is approx 100 nm, SSE, SE, ESE (take your pick) across the Mediteranean.
    Let them navigate 30 KM from one side of London to the other..... ;)
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  3. ArmyDOC

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    Mar 24, 2006
    I might be impressed if they had shot an IFR approach at night in the soup. But, if I remember right, the commercial shows beautiful, clear blue, VFR skies. Maybe if they had a VOR and DME in the Landrover . . . .
  4. Skyraider

    Skyraider Formula Junior

    Nov 4, 2005
    Yep, clear skies and a 45deg bank to the left....... ;)

    Right !
    A soupy approach would have been more impressive,
    but not relatable to the target audience....
    (non pilot, Yuppies, used to the "clarity" of space travel [i.e. Starwars battles].....) ;) ;)

    "Wow!! Didya see that? It navigated a big military plane!! Gee!!!"

    "Now I'll never again get lost, on a superhighway with limited access.... "

    "It's got FWD too, so I can drive and stop on glare ice... If I knew, what that was..."



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