What is your best basic training story ?

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by ralfabco, Jun 9, 2004.

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    Israel Beiteinu
    Back in 1984, We were going back to the barracks. We were about a
    week away from graduating. The barracks always have to be secure.
    There always has to be a guard. There is a guard posted 24/7. Every
    two hours a guard is rotated.

    That particular day, we had a guard posted from a class that was junior.
    One of the two drill instructors assigned to our class, was absolutely
    huge. He had a voice like a freight train. He looked like a defensive
    end. You never needed a hearing aid when he gave commands.

    We had just come back from finishing our paperwork out processing
    requirements. We were going back to our barracks. Our D.I.
    decided to test the new guard. The door to the barracks is always
    locked. There are several questions at the top of the door to ask,
    when someone requests entry into the barracks. The D.I. walked
    to the door where the window was located. He asked for the
    guard to let him in. The guard proceeded to ask the D.I., the
    correct questions that a person needs to answer, before the door
    can be opened. The D.I. would not answer the questions or show
    his I.D., that the guard was asking for. The D.I. became a "little"
    upset. Here was a smart "new" guard that would not let him enter
    his (own barracks).

    The D.I. began kicking, banging, and yelling for the new guard to let
    him in. We were all behind the D.I. waiting single file to enter our
    barracks. We figured this "new" guard would end up getting thrown
    out. We figured he was toast. The D.I. was still yelling at the guard.
    He was getting nowhere. He began to change his voice. He now
    asked the guard in a nice voice what he wanted him to do ? How
    could he enter his own barracks ? No more yelling or kicking the door.
    The D.I. asked the new guard; if he wanted him to get the section
    supervisor ? The D.I. banged and kicked the door again after the
    guard began to ask the same questions. The D.I. finally put his I.D.
    on the glass window. The guard opened the door. The D.I. grabbed
    his shirt gently. The D.I. said nice job. We all walked into our
    barracks past the "new" guard. We all patted him on the back, as
    we walked past him. He looked rather green in color.
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  3. MarkPDX

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    Apr 21, 2003
    Gulf Coast
    It's a little too soon for me to be publically announcing the shiite I got away with but at the very least AF Officer School is a totally different world from any sort of basic training. We were taught basically the same thing though. Follow the checklist no matter how stressfull the situation may be and you will be just fine.
  4. 96impalaSS

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    Dec 8, 2003
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    It was during first phase and all us recruits were scared $hitless of the DIs and one morning we went off to eat morning chow and the late chows were guarding the barracks and one of them had to **** really really bad apparantly and since everyone knows the fifth general order is to quit my post only when properly relieved the kid decides "well since I'm not getting relieved of my post I'll just have to relieve myself" and took a dump in his cammies. So he goes to chow and gets back with the rest of the platoon and we get back to the barracks and start doing morning clean up and Sgt.Hirtle(sic?) (our heavy) starts smelling something. He then asks which one of us **** ourselves (just joking around) and the kid goes " Sir this recruit did sir!" I swear to god it was the only time I saw Sgt.Hirtle loose his composure and smirk a little bit. Which was then swiftly followed by a swarm of swearing, glasses poking, and making him change his skivies and report back to club quarter deck for Sgt.Hirtle's favorite dance move. (Push ups,Situps,Mountain Climb, Side Straddle hops, and double time) And yes he would sing it to you as fast as he could and make you keep up.
  5. darth550

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    I saw Stripes ten times....does that count?


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