what's knocking inside the engine at idle ?

Discussion in '308/328' started by, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Andy Rein
    Still working on the much neglected 308 GTSi . I found the source of the loud knocking at idle: I found that the timing belt drive on the rear bank has a trashed bearing. The drive pulley jumps around at idle. I took off the timing belt and the pulley wiggles 1/8", should be zero play in that bearing.

    So, having said that, after much work, I have removed the timing covers, timing belts, and the harmonic balancer (main crankshaft pulley) and alternator.

    The question is: can I remove the timing gear cover (after removing all connecting hardware and pulleys) ??? The manual says it can't be done, but they call me McGiver at work for good reason, so I am trying to get that cover off.

    I don't want to pull the engine....too much work.
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    to renew both front and rear bearing you do need the get this cover of. Therefore you also need to remove the sump..

    You might check the rear bearing after you remove the front one only. The load on the rear is much less than on the front one so it might not be nessesary to renew the rear one.

    for removing the front bearing only you could use the sykes picavant tool blind hole bearing puller (it works, i know..look it up at google)
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    chris morse
    Try a search. Verell has been through this and documented it very well.


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