What's your model for the best F1 tv coverage?

Discussion in 'F1' started by Designstar, Mar 27, 2018.

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    With the condemnation of ESPN for giving F1 less production value then their coverage of girls pee-wee softball, and a seamingly lack of love for what NBC was doing before, I ask, what is your model for the ultimate converge of the ultimate motor sport?

    Everyone is great at complaining but if someone from Libery or ESPN reads through the complaint threads, they still don't have a clear direction of what to do to fix the mess they've created.

    Let's create a list of positive, real world things that can be done to improve the coverage, make the broadcasts more compelling to new and old,fans alike and insure the reasons we love F1 are part of every show.
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    NBC had three problems

    1) Hobbs was great, Matchette too much off Captain Obvious, and Duffy was pretty annoying.
    2) Too many freakin' COMMERCIALS breaking up the action
    3) Some races (like Monaco and Montreal) were put on NBC's main network where time was short and sometimes delayed instead of live.

    Other than that, I didn't mind it.

    ESPN's problems are too many to list but they include no commentary on or explanation during commercial breaks, no post even commentary (not even the freakin' point standings), British announcers who are talking to a different audience, no broadcasting of most of the practice, and a general lack of care about the product (no sound???)

    I do like their side by side coverage better than NBC but without anyone telling us what went on or what was said in driver conversations, it's annoying and frustrating.

    Also the halo has destroyed in car shots but that's not their fault. However, the director rarely used any on the camera shots the entire race.

    If you wanted Sky's online broadcast during practice, they give a lot of interesting details about what's going on and some pretty good analysis. During the race however there's practically none.

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